Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June Wins-What'd You Win?


I am so excited to announce I have joined 2 other lovely bloggin' Mama's to co-host

Who are your hosts?
Michelle from Sometimes You Win
Darcy from Tales From the Nursery
and me, Bri from Eco Baby Mama Drama 

This is a super fun monthly linkup that we will be doing on the last Wednesday of each month.  We will post about our fabulous wins for the month and would love to have you participate! If you are a giveaway entering fanatic (like ME!) this is your time to show everyone how lucky you are!

  • Blog about your wins for the month (We'd love for you to include our button on your post, but not required)
  • On the last Wednesday of the month, come by and post your "Wins" post url to our linky
  • Visit other bloggers listed and see what they won!

So, you want to know what I won this month?!  June has been the luckiest month for me!  I think has a crush on me! LOL!  Whatever it is I hope it sticks around because this mama LOVES winning! (These are in no specific order)

Thirsties Hemp Prefold and Duo wrap from Mommy and Me Giveaways (received)

Prefold Instructions

Upcycled Record Bowl from So Easy Being Green (received)

Prefense Hand Sanitizer from 1 Grown 2 To Go 

$10 Gift Card to Better For Babies from So Easy Being Green (received) 

Spongeables (for home and travel) from 1 Grown 2 To Go (received)

Spongeables Lavender Nectar for HOME & to GO 2 pack - Click Image to Close

Organic Cotton Romper from My Baby's Green (received) 

Softbums prize pack (Echo DryTouch Trial 6 pack) from Softbums (received)

Echo DryTouch Trial 6-Pack

HipKiddo Prize pack (2 pocket diapers and a wet bag) from The Reynold Mom

Kissaluvs wet bag from And Then There Were 4

Zookies diaper cover from AMRC Giveaways and Reviews

Boon Flo from Arizona Mama

Blog Bash Prize Pack (Ergo carrier and Dandelion tableware!) from Mom Always Finds Out
ERGO baby carrier logo

Safe, Organic Rattles and Teethers for Babies 

Magic Bumpers (2 pack) from Diary of a Preppy Mom

Little Looster from Mama Chocolate

So as you can see, entering giveaway DOES pay off!  If you are a giveaway addict or have won something you want to share with everyone we usually feature someone monthly and you can apply using this FORM.

*Pictures in my post were used from the sponsor's sites and from the blogs I won from.*


  1. Wow you got some really great stuff! An Ergo carrier, cool! Thanks for co-hosting :-)

  2. What kind of system do you use? i.e. Do you tweet twice daily? I always think that's annoying. Or do you grab the site's button every time? I never do, since right now, my blog only has 7 posts. I also haven't made it look more personalized/figured out the button thing yet. Anyway, congrats lucky!

  3. WOW! You won a ton!!! Good for you! Those are really some great wins!!

  4. Thanks! I do enter tons and grab buttons, I typically only tweet once if that!

  5. I knew about some of these but wow nicely done!

  6. Thanks! I am so excited about all of them! Hope my luck hasn't run out!