Wednesday, October 5, 2011

10 #Holiday planning tips

With the holiday season quickly approaching (where did the year go?!) and me being the extreme planner (well I try to be at least!) in order for me to feel like the holidays go off without a hitch I follow some simple 'rules' to make things go smoothly.  Here are just a few things you might find helpful to make your holiday festivities less stressful both of your wallet and your sanity.

1. Get your holiday cards done with an easy service like Storkie and get them done early!  I am so horrible about this one and regret it every year I don't do it

2. Whether you are hosting a get together involving a full meal or just light snacks, ask your guests to bring a side dish/dessert/beverage.  You shouldn't spend the entire 'party' time in the kitchen

3.  Get your kids involved in the holiday decorating, whether it is artwork from school or your own home crafts for the centerpiece at your table everyone enjoys seeing kids creations and they will love the praise!

4.  Draw names for a gift exchange or secret Santa swap instead of buying gifts for everyone, this will make gift giving fun and affordable!  We do this with the adults in our family.

5.  When shopping for your own kids or others pay attention to sales and look for opportunities to stack coupons!

6.  Take full advantage of layaway if you can, many stores offer it at little or no extra fees

7.  Don't try to cram too much into one day!  We celebrate Christmas with my family on Christmas and my husband's family during New Years (they are out of town) so we aren't in a rush and can actually enjoy the time together

8.  If you are travelling during the holidays MAKE LISTS!  I can't stand it when I forgot to pack my own pillow or enough clothing and have to run out to but something to wear when a simple list could save me a trip to a busy store

9.  Take pictures!  It is always fun to see pictures of the holidays after the fact so snap away everyone!

10.  Set a limit on your spending and stick to it!  Don't let the excitement of the holidays make it difficult for you to pay it off!

FTC Disclosure: I wrote this blog post while participating in the Storkie holiday blogging program. I received compensation for my participation. All opinions are 100% mine.


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