Monday, October 24, 2011

Smart Thinking Lifestyle Tips for the Blogging Mommy

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It seems like everyday there is more and more to get done and less time to get everything accomplished.  I find myself staying up late and and still feeling like I am not getting things done that I want to cross off my to-do list.  I am adding things to the list quicker than I am crossing them off and it stresses me out, however knowing I have a list is reassuring that I won't forget anything.

Even if you don't think you are a list person I bet you would be surprised at how making a list can help you to evaluate things (prioritize), stay organized and stay on task whether it is your monthly budget or daily schedule.

First things first, what kinds of lists do you need?
  • Grocery list (wants verses needs)
  • Daily Schedule of events/appointments/tasks to complete
  • Bills/Payments (with due dates & amounts owed)
  • Christmas/Holiday shopping list (include gift ideas & spending limits)
  • Blogger list (events you are participating in/topics you want to write about/goals)
Next, stick to your lists within reason of course.  Whether on a tight budget or having money to play around with, don't get too crazy when you go to the grocery store; things can add up.  Special treats are nice however remember your Bill/Payments would be nice to cross off a payment to a creditor or be able to splurge on an extra special Holiday gift for a loved one rather than having extra junk food around the house wouldn't it?  

For your Daily schedule depending on your flexibility this can be juggled a bit, for instance I am able to do laundry pretty much anytime because I am a stay at home mom however I try to stay on top of it because if I don't it never fails that someone has to have something clean and I am not informed of it until the last second.  

If you are a blog owner you know list are a valuable tool.  Keeping track of contacts, review items you are using and when you need to share your thought on the items as well as keeping an open list of topics that pop into your head of things you want to share with your readers is the backbone of a blog.

And last of all re-listing or redoing your lists.  We are all human and life happens.  Kids, coworkers, family members and sick days (whether yourself or your kids) happen.  It is probably pretty close to impossible to have every list get done on time and in the order you originally planned it to happen so simply revamp your list or start a new one that includes any adjustments or tasks that need to be carried forward to a new day.  Remember that "Better Late than Never" is usually true and you will still feel accomplished when you cross tasks off your list.

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  1. I totally feel better when I can physically cross something off my list! Sometimes I'll finish something that I never wrote down, but then I will just to cross it off :)

  2. I agree - lists are a life saver! I would be lost without them - especially when it comes to blogging! :) And I love getting everything crossed off a list - it's refreshing! :)

    Great post!