Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Overspend This Holiday Season? How To Bail Yourself Out!

I love a sale, discount or even better a freebie.  I mean I LOVE deals, they can actually change my entire mood. Why pay full price for something if you don't have to especially in this tough economy.   During the holiday season when you are spending more money than usual; giving gifts and celebrating the season, some of us tend to overspend and blow the 'budget' we have set for ourselves and may find ourselves in a pinch.  

With the economic crisis our nation is in the government is NOT going to bail you or I out so we have to save ourselves.  What is our largest asset?  Our home of course.....are you paying 'full price' or too much on your home loan?  Why?  Besides maybe a car, your home is the largest purchase you will make and you should get a great deal on it!  Save yourself some money; it is your money and you deserve to keep it.  Not sure where to start or if you are eligible?  You can get your Mortgage Refinance quote in a few minutes and it is FREE! 

Thinking you are able to manage your monthly home loan payments?  That is OK, but wouldn't it be nice to pay even less?  There are several reasons to refinance your home even if you aren't in a tight spot.  By lowering your monthly payment (sometimes drastically) you are saving typically thousands of dollars over time and actually still paying the same amount of money for your house.  You could start a savings account with the money you save monthly and earn interest on your 'extra' money.  You could also choose the option to receive a cash-out refinance, which allows you to withdraw equity from your home in cash so that you can pay off other bills or expenses (pay down credit cards or car loans). 

Still thinking you don't need to refinance your home huh?  Well consider this, if you refinance your home you could potentially pay off your home earlier that you expected resulting in no mortgage payment at all allowing you to retire early or take a dream vacation.  Have daughters?  The saved money could pay for a wedding or a second honeymoon for yourself and your spouse, the possibilities are endless when you have a monthly payment this large disappear!

Lock in a lower home loan rate and keep your money in your pocket in a few minutes and start planning on where to put your extra money today!


  1. A couple friends of ours just refinanced their home; they said they wanted to get rid of their high credit card debt so they had more cash flow. I hadn't heard of doing that before, but now I'm going to look into it also. Thanks for the info! =)

  2. We have to figure out about refinancing. I've been thinking about this for a while!