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Another Upcoming Event!

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What'd You Win? July Edition with Linky

It's the last Wednesday of the month and that means it's time to share what we have all won in the last month!  So, who is hosting this shindig you may ask?

Michelle from Sometimes You Win
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This is my favorite linkup, it takes place once a month on the last Wednesday.  We will all post our wonderful wins for the month and would love to have you join us!  It is super easy to participate:

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Although July was a rough month for our family I was pretty lucky in winnings!  These are in no particular order:

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Cole and The Crooked Flower Giveaway

When I first e-met Jenn Leggett the owner of Earthy Crunchy Mama it was because I had won a $5 gift code to her store through a Facebook giveaway she had to thank her fans.  I wasn't super new to cloth diapering but I was new to winning so I wanted to make my sure $5 went to something I would love!  Jenn went above and beyond answering tons of questions for me and even went as far as measuring some products for me to see if they might work for us.  I ended up purchasing several items from her and they worked great and are some of my favorite items honestly!

I really enjoy getting Jenn's weekly newsletters chock full of information; deals of the week, upcoming events and especially the section where she shares giveaways she is sponsoring!  

In this week's newsletter I really got to know Jenn on a personal level after reading her story about how her son, Cole, was born with a rare and very aggressive form of Scoliosis – Progressive Infantile Scoliosis.  Treatment is with a series of Mehta Casts and after a year of cast being changed every 2 months Cole is considered cured!  Check out his X-Rays below and the cute picture of Cole in one of his favorite casts.

Before X-Ray

After X-Ray

Cole-put up your dukes Scoliosis!

During this journey Jenn wrote a book explaining to kids in a fun simple way about their scoliosis and the casting they would be going through.  All of the profits from the sale of the book are going to go directly to  Infantile Scoliosis Outreach Program (ISOP) to help train more physicians in this treatment and to launch a pediatricians awareness campaign so that no kids go undiagnosed.  A few pages from the book are below!

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Wordless Wednesday

Sweet Ride

T-Bone and I saw this sweet ride outside the Pharmacy while picking up some medicine for Tates and we had to take a picture!  Then the owner saw us and offered us a better photo op!

Why Is My Baby Sick? Part 5

**Please be advised this post is graphic in some area**

Part 1 of this story can be found HERE
Part 2 of this story can be found HERE
Part 3 of this story can be found HERE
Part 4 of this story can be found HERE

By 4am I realized that I wasn't going to get any kind of sleep.  It didn't matter how tired I was I couldn't stop crying.  When I wasn't crying I was just laying there thinking about all the bad stuff that might happen or what they might find.  I wanted them to find whatever the problem was so it could be treated, but at the same time I didn't know how I was going to deal with something being wrong with Tates.  

I am a pretty strong girl, but a person can only take so much. Every day a mom amazes me with what they go through for and with their kids. I started this blog after my niece was diagnosed with ALL (a type of Leukemia) and since there is so much cancer in my family I was terrified Tates had cancer. We were reassured that kids just don't get colon cancer and they were positive that wasn't it. I was still thinking about it though.

One (of our many) wonderful nurses asked me at 5am if I wanted to elect to NOT have Tates vitals taken hourly if he was sleeping. HELLO?! I didn't know I had that option!  Yes I said!  So she wrote on his chart 'Mother wishes to have vitals skipped if baby is sleeping'.  For those of you that think I made a bad choice here you are entitled to your opinions, however, with Tates being held by me I was keeping a pretty close eye on him.  If his IV started to back up or if I felt he was running a fever I would have notified the nurse immediately.  I wanted him to get some rest that he so desperately needed and being woken up every 30 minutes wasn't cutting it.  After his vitals were taken he didn't go right back to sleep.  It took awhile to calm him down and get him comfortable again and rock him to sleep and then after 30 minutes of sleep it was time again to get his vitals taken, it was just an evil cycle and I had to stop it.

Around 8am the Anesthesiologist came in and talked to us.  He went over Tates case and made sure he understood our concerns; with Tates having a runny nose and cough he would be keeping an extra close eye on his breathing throughout the procedure.  DJ had to sign a separate release for the anesthesia.

Around 10:30am the GI 'rounds' group hit our room.  We were all snoozing by then.  By now lots of the faces are familiar and even though tired Tates wasn't as skiddish with everyone in the room.  The staff Dr. explained again what the order of events would be and had us sign some waivers (I couldn't do it, DJ had to as it was too hard for me to read and sign everything they had explained as being 'worst case scenario' events).  We still had no surgery time and nobody could really explain why we were just kind of waiting until there was an opening, which I still don't really understand.
DJ and I showered so we were ready whenever Tates was called for the procedure.  Poor Tates was such a trooper throughout this whole ordeal, but by now he was completely restless in his hospital room and the IV was cramping his style.  LOL!  The poor thing wanted to take a wagon ride and run around and play and be free.  He was also getting fussy. I think he was starting to get hungry, which in turn made me start getting very impatient awaiting our time to have the procedure done.  We walked the halls a lot back and forth back and forth.

Tates had his first poopy diaper of the day and it was NOT clear colored.  Panic set in and I notified the nurse.  She called downstairs to the team that would be doing his surgery and they said they would still be doing the procedure.  I am even more nervous now thinking the procedure won't be a success if he isn't cleared out they might miss something.
Finally, at 2pm they called our nurse and told her they were coming up to get him.  On the way up to get us our escort ran into us walking the halls so she went to get Tates chart and our nurse started to unhook Tates IV.  The nurse called 2 other nurses into Tates room and they all (along with myself) agreed that Tates IV had blown (yes again!).  It was caught early so Tates wasn't in pain or at least it didn't seem to bother him much.  The nurse went ahead and took it out and called down to the OR and told them and asked that they just go ahead and put a new one in after he had been put under for the procedure.

Walking to the OR was a long walk.  I choked back tears and held Tates tight.  Where his IV had blown was leaking fluid everywhere, but he didn't seem to even notice.  The nurse that was to take Tates back to the actual OR came to talk to us and another nurse gave him his 'relaxing' medicine which he drank with no issue. He got a small drink of water to wash it down and then it was time to hand him over.  Once the nurse pulled out his Iphone and showed Tates his Talking Tom cat application Tates

The wait was finally over and Dr. C. told us that Tates did great.  During the procedure they saw some tiny 'pimple' looking things (I don't remember the actual terms) on Tates lymph nodes in his colon and they suspected they had been bleeding as they had a very bright red lining around them.  These 'pimples' were very common when kids were sick so they assumed they were from a virus Tates had.  They also took some biopsies and cultures during the procedure and that they would call us if there was anything that came back positive or out of the ordinary.  He also said Tates could go home TODAY!!

We had to wait about another 30 minutes before we could go back to the Recovery area and see Tates.  When they were ready for us I swear I almost ripped the door off it's hinges.  Walking back I immediately saw him laying in the crib attached to so many tubes and machines and started crying again.  He was awake laying there just staring off and when he saw me he tried to get up and started to cry when he couldn't get to me.  DJ and I were so relieved that he apparently had no issues waking up.  He wanted some of DJ's coke (just an FYI everything with carbonation is coke to me) so we got him some water and he gulped away.  His recovery nurse got him unhooked (except for the IV) and he was happily grabbing for DJ's leftover lunch bag.  Tates was hungry!  

The recovery nurse took us back up to Tates room and signed him over to our regular nurse and we were given the OK to let him eat (graham crackers and sports drinks of course!).  He was still hooked up to the IV and the nurse wasn't allowed to take it out until the Dr. told her it was OK.  

The staff Dr. that participated in Tates procedure came up to the room within the hour and gave the nurse the go ahead to take his IV out and went over everything again that had happened during the procedure; it was weird though that they all came in completely covered in the surgical garb (gloves/gowns/masks) but I dismissed it assuming they were fresh from the OR.  She also told us she was going to work on our discharge paperwork right now.  Tates immediately started to act happy, like he understood he was going home.  He gave the Dr. a high five and crawled over to her and hugged her!  It was so sweet!  He was so excited he had all the Dr.'s laughing at how silly he was being!  I started packing right when she left!  

It took about another hour and we were ready to go, paperwork in hand.  We loaded up the wagon with soft bags and pillows and Tates finally got his ride.  He was as happy as could be, waving bye bye to his room and giving high fives to everyone that we passed on the way out.
Gimme 5!  I am outta here!

Look!  My wagon has a flag pole!

Bye Bye hospital room!

So technically we didn't have a definite diagnosis but we had a good theory by the best top Dr's and were on our way home, I will take it!  Home or BUST!

Tates when we arrived home, if you look close enough you can see a little bit of his IV marks

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Why is my baby sick? Part 4

**Please be advised this post is graphic in some area**

Part 1 of this story can be found HERE
Part 2 of this story can be found HERE
Part 3 of this story can be found HERE

Tates slept in the hospital crib for about 3 hours before waking up and going back to sleep in the pull out chair with me.  The chair itself wasn't all that uncomfortable however Tates couldn't seem to get comfortable and when he would fall asleep it was time to get his vitals so he would wake up.  Even though the schedule was supposed to be every 4 hours whenever there was a shift change our nurse and the nurse that was taking over would come in to go over Tates condition and talk to us and meet him so he really didn't get any sleep. There was also a flow of student doctors that would stop by and ask about his symptoms and check his lungs and heart.

7am came very fast and we are use to sleeping in until between 9am-10:30am so we got an early start on our first official day in the hospital.  I ordered Tates some breakfast; scrambled eggs, a pancake and yogurt however he only ate a few bites of yogurt and then we could only interest him in a few more bites of graham crackers.  He was drinking quite a bit though, and he isn't a big drinker typically.

We were advised that the GI team would be doing 'rounds' anywhere from 9am-10am so we patiently waited for them to arrive.  It was a bit overwhelming when they all arrived, there was about 10 of them.  Some students, some residents and then there was the staff Dr, they don't get much higher than that.  We went through the complete history of the last few weeks and a family history and Tates general history and then there was another exam.  

With everyone around Tates crib and his lack of sleep and already being poked and prodded so much he was very nervous before the exam let alone during it.  As a mother, whenever your child is hurt or fearful you just want to scoop them up and make it go away. Throughout this entire ordeal having to hold him down and let strangers upset him never got easier.  One second you are the one holding them down to get stuck and the next you are trying to tell them it is over, for now at least.  I think at least for us (and any parent of very small children) it is a little harder because Tates isn't talking so he doesn't understand as well as an older child that you can at least explain what to expect and what is going on.

For those of you thinking right now "Wait isn't Tates 17 months old now?  He should be talking!"  I know, this is a whole separate concern of ours and we are addressing it with applying for help through our state agency for a speech therapist.  We have an appointment on the 28th to see if he qualifies for therapy so please cross your fingers for us!

Talking with the staff Dr. after the exam he advises that we allow him to do a colonoscopy followed by an endoscopy  if the colonoscopy found nothing alarming.  At this point they have ran all non-invasive tests and have not been able to determine the problem, so this is the next step.  They will have to put Tates to sleep with anesthesia,  which was an immediate concern for us especially seeing as both sides of our family have trouble waking up from anesthesia as adults, but kids are always more of a worry.  We wouldn't be allowed in the Operating Room (OR) with him and we were concerned when they told us that we would have to hand him over to a nurse that would walk him back to the OR and lay him down on the gurney and then place the anesthesia mask over his face. We thought there is NO WAY Tates would do that without a screaming, kicking fight.  They decided they would give him a calming medicine so he would be very relaxed before we had to hand him over and we agreed that was probably a good idea.

We were told Tates would have to drink almost 2 liters of cleansing out medicine so his colon would be clear for the scope and he also was put on a clear liquid diet until midnight when he would be hooked up to IV fluids until the procedure.  I immediately pointed out that there was no way Tates would drink that much medicine in a few hours and DJ agreed.  We were told if he didn't complete the drinking he would have to have a feeding tube put in and the medicine would have to be taken that way.  We decided to go ahead and skip even trying to have him drink and opted for the feeding tube.  It was seriously hard to choose the feeding tube, and it wasn't even very reassuring when the nurses told us that most of the time this has to be done anyway.  Teenagers apparently have a hard time drinking that much of the medication and eventually get the tube.

With this cleansing medicine Tates would start to have even more diarrhea, only more extreme is what we were told.  We were advised not to use our cloth diapers because we wouldn't have enough according to the expected amount of everything inside Tates would be getting rid of along with the medication. The nurses weren't sure if his stash would be ruined,  so they provided us with a brand disposable to use and I set them aside to take home.

While waiting for the pharmacy to send up the medication for the feeding tube I ran home to run cloth diaper laundry and pack more things for another nights stay and get a bag ready for T-Bone for another night at my parents house.  I felt like a bad mom leaving. I spoke to our nurse and she promised they would not do the tube without me being there.  Tates and DJ were taking a nap so I flew like a mad crazy woman home and hurried to get things done and back to the hospital.  It took me forever even though I was hurrying.  I was about 20 minutes from arriving at the hospital when DJ called.  They had woken from their nap and been told by the nurse that if I wasn't back by 2pm (15 minutes from then) they would do it without me.  The doctor wanted to get the medicine started so there would be plenty of time for it to work and get Tates cleaned out.  I told DJ I would be there and to stall if I wasn't!  I drove like a crazy woman (at this point it is becoming common!) and ran with pillows and bags in hand to get to our room.  I luckily ran into an abandoned hospital wagon (a trademark of the Children's hospital) so I didn't have to carry everything.  I just made it! Tates caught one glimpse of that wagon and wanted a ride but there was no time for it now, I promised we would do it later. 

As I was catching my breath, the nurse walked in to escort us to the procedure room where everything was on hand to insert the feeding tube.  We opted to stay in the room and watch so we could immediately comfort Tates.  The two nurses laid Tates down on the bed and rolled him up in a blanket making him a baby burrito and one nurse held his head still while the other tried to feed the tube up his nose and down his throat.  GOD was there (I know he was the whole time) because she got it the first time.  We could tell for sure it was in his stomach because a little bit of blue sports drink came up the tube.  They then taped the tube to his face, but needed to redo it (as the first time it was on his lip a little) then around his ear and on to his back.  Of course, Tates is screaming, kicking, crying and gagging like crazy this entire time and I am balling my eyes out which I expected but there was no way I wasn't going to be there.  As soon as I picked him up and settled him down and got back to the room he was hooked up to the cleansing medication. It was on a wheel cart kinda like an IV so we could be a little mobile, however Tates was like a zombie.

If you remember from above, Tates had just awakened from a nap, so he should have been slightly rested. However, he was seriously like a zombie.  He just laid his head on my shoulder and stared at the wall next to the chair I was sitting in.  He was drooling like crazy so we called the nurse thinking something was wrong and she told us it was because he was scared to swallow.  He just laid there with his mouth open drooling miserably.  The nurse assured us he wasn't tasting the medicine, but you could tell he was just in shock almost, sitting catatonic.  I got him re-situated and he drifted off to sleep again.

Staring at the wall :(
Nap right after nap time

When he woke up he was a bit startled by the nose tube, but thirsty, which was a good sign.   Tates was restless in his room so we went walking in the halls for a bit. We passed the play room and Tates pointed to it, so we got some toys and brought them to his room.  He really liked a few of the toys and seemed to be having fun with them, which was so nice to see him smiling and playing again.

Playing BEFORE the medicine kicked in

All of a sudden DJ said Tates had pooped. Usually, I am the one that knows when he poops (and I notice right away) so I asked DJ if he was sure, but before he could answer the smell hit me and I was at least 10 feet away from them both.  I told DJ to grab him and I got a diaper and some wipes. We met at the crib to change him, however, this was no ordinary poop.  The medicine had kicked in and Tates system was starting to clean out exploding.  He had the biggest blowout in the history of mankind I think.  He had completely soaked himself, DJ, the crib bedding, and there was a trail on the floor that had to be mopped up. Literally, this happened in less than 10 seconds.  I am not even kidding when I say his insides were exploding out his tushy.

Immediately he had a rash all over his hiney (thanks to cloth diapering he hadn't had a rash since we kicked disposables!).  The nurse didn't even really think the rash was that bad.  She said she had seen kids with bloody bums before (I can't even imagine that!  Poor babies!) and gave us some goop that she said was awesome and should help.  I didn't really like it much because it didn't wipe off very well.  You had to almost scrub it off, which isn't good considering his tush was irritated already.  She advised us to just leave it on and wipe away the poop and the cream would coat his tush and protect it from the acidic explosions (Yikes right?).

So, we did end up needing the family laundry facility. As you can imagine, I wanted to wash the boys clothes ASAP since I wasn't sure if colon contents stained.

The nurse rolled her eyes (at herself) and said she should have offered us some hospital clothes for Tates so we wouldn't run out of or ruin his clothes.  Tates was too small for the smallest scrubs (but I can improvise!) I rolled the pants waist down, the bottoms up, criss-crossed the back snaps on the shirt top and voila, the cutest little hospital patient you have ever seen!

Playing in our scrubs

The medication was making Tates very irritable and super cranky (as if he wasn't entitled to be you know?), so the nurse offered some ibuprofen and I agreed.  Unfortunately, there wasn't an order in his chart, so she had to page the on call Dr. to get the OK, order it for his chart, and then call it in to the pharmacy to fill and send up.  After thirty minutes of waiting, she called down to the pharmacy.  They told her how super busy it was and Tates order was still quite a few from the top. However, after explaining the situation poor Tates was in, we had the ibuprofen 15 minutes later.  Honestly, Tates was just getting too tired to fuss anymore, so I'm not sure if the ibuprofen even helped.

Poor guy is miserable

Over the next 9 hours Tates had horrible explosions of the tush and countless clothing changes.  He was just miserable.  Tates was supposed to be on the medication until he was pooping clear, however, when he had finished his IV bag he wasn't clear, so the Dr. on call was paged and ordered more medicine.  We, again waited for the pharmacy to send up the medicine, however, they were taking a really long time and there was almost no way we were going to be able to pump the amount of medication into Tates the Dr. had ordered before midnight.  If the medication is pumped in too quickly it could make Tates vomit.  Needless to say we didn't make the midnight deadline, however, about half-hour after midnight Tates poop was clear!  Little one was then hooked up to his IV and got comfy on Mommy in the flip chair and fell fast asleep (it was 1am now).  Although we were advised that he would probably still be Mr. Exploding Tushy Pants even in his sleep, however, he didn't poop overnight at all. 

The lovely part of having an IV is that it and vitals need to be checked every hour.  Yep, after the day Tates had, he was going to be woken up every hour.

We still didn't have a set time for the procedure, which I say surgery, because he was knocked out and in an OR, but that is probably just the overprotective mom in me.

Sorry to keep dragging this out, but I really want to write it all and have it documented so Tates can read it one day....I am not trying to torture you loyal readers I promise!

More to be told...........

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Guest Post

Meg from Got the Love, Got the Marriage, Got the Baby is a new Mom to little Benjy.  Like me, she is a cloth diapering, babywearing co-sleeping mama but she is also very crafty which I am NOT! LOL!  Her blog talks about the crafts she does, her love of cloth diapers and just about anything else on her mind.  Her most recent post about Kawaii diapers was a great tool for me as I haven't tried them yet and she compared them.

Meg & Benjy

Meg offered to share one of her favorite cloth diapering accessories and a tip on how she saves money-making her own cloth wipes!

One of the main reasons I cloth diaper is to lessen my impact on the environment. When I first started cloth diapering, I was using disposable wipes.  It didn't really make any sense to me to use one product that was reusable while I was throwing away another product.  So I found a little time in the evening after my son had fallen asleep and sewed up some cloth wipes.  It didn't take me very long to do and I was able to use the flannel that I had on hand to complete them.  The great thing about cloth wipes is that you can make them any size you want them to be.  I made some small for when he just peed, and I made some larger to handle the really messy diapers.  Some of the flannel I used came out of the scrap bin at the fabric store which I got at a great discount. 

One thing about disposable wipes is that they are scented and pre-wet.  You can pre wet them with water, but there is nothing else on them. I originally made my own solution using baby wash, baby oil, and water which did work fine, but then I got some wipes cubes.

The wipes cubes I got from Monkey Doodlez do not contain any of the harsh aspects of soap.  They do contain vegetable based glycerin which helps to moisturize the skin and allows the wipe to easily slide over their bum. It also contains aloe, tea tree oil and lavender.  Altogether it makes a very pleasing scent.  One of the coolest things as well is that a little jar of just 100g contains enough little cubes to make an awful lot of solution.  You mix 1 cube with 2 cups of warm water.  The cubes dissolve fairly quickly and leave the water with an translucent shine to the water.  It says on the package to make to a new solution each week.  In about a week's time I have almost used the whole two cups, but still have a bit left.  I don't feel bad about dumping out the rest as I know that I still have lots of cubes left.  I prefer to not prewet my wipes, but instead have a spray bottle to spray on as much solutions as I need for each job.  When I go out, I use a squeeze bottle to wet my wipes.

For roughly $10 - $15 for the wipe cubes and $5 for the fabric, I have enough solution to make enough wipes for at least 6 months.  That is quite the savings then buying packages of wipes every few weeks.  It also cuts down on the amount of garbage that we throw out each week.

I really like the wipes cubes as my son has sensitive skin and has broken out from scented detergents and heavily scented baby wipes.  The Monkey Doodlez wipes cubes have natural and gentle ingredients that help my son's bum to stay free of rash and redness.

Friday, July 22, 2011 Snack Gift Basket-Classic Giveaway Winner

Sorry for the delay, to be honest with T-Bone's 13th Birthday and him leaving to go with his grandparents I forgot to ask him to post a winner!  So, no screenshot folks~you just have to trust me on this one!

Out of 211 entries lucky #119 was chosen!

Linda H. with her #2 entry for subscribing to Eco Mail!

Congratulations Linda!  I emailed you and you have 48 hours to respond!

Thanks so much to for sponsoring my review and giveaway!

*Most if not all giveaways from here forward will be run through Rafflecopter and there will not be a separate post announcing winners.  The original post will be updated and I will have a winners page for reference*

T-Bone's Birthday GIVEAWAY!!

Since T-Bone turned 13 I sent him to the Blog Prize Box to give you guys a present!  There is quite a bit in there to choose from and he chose......................

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Cloth Wipes Solution

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

MI-DEL Cookies Review & Giveaway (3 winners!)


I have a sweet tooth, well I have a mouth full of sweet teeth really.  I LOVE sweets.  They are my weakness and honestly I would never have tried a 'healthy' cookie had I not been given the opportunity to review these cookies.  I always just assumed that healthy=flavorless.  Not true!

First we tried the 100% Whole Wheat Honey Grahams, Tates really liked these but they weren't sweet enough for me.  He really enjoyed them, they are softer than most other graham crackers and that is really nice for kids that are on table food but fairly new to it.  Not only that but I really like being able to offer him  "big boy" food that is still healthy, most other graham crackers are covered in sugar which I definitely DO NOT want to be giving him.

 Next we tried Chocolate Sandwich Cookies.  I saw "we" however T-Bone decided to try these with Tates while I was in the shower so I don't know how they taste, the boys finished the entire package!  I would have to say that the cookies were super yummy, what do you think?

  Lastly I tried the Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Yes I said "I" because I hid them until I was ready to try them!  And I don't feel bad about it (OK maybe a little).  They are very good, just the right softness but a little crisp; I know that sounds weird, like an oxymoron?  Anyway I was very surprised at how tasty the cookies are and they are the perfect bite size to grab a handful and be very satisfied.  If you get carried away and polish off the bag you don't have to feel bad though!

After trying these 3 we will definitely try some of the other cookies we haven't had the pleasure to try yet, I really want to try the S'mores and the Arrowroot Cookies for Tates.

Right now on specially marked packages of MI-DEL cookies look for the new FREE MILK coupon. When you buy two MI-DEL Cookie packages, you are eligible for a free quart of milk (up to a $2 value).  We were lucky enough to score one when we picked up the above treats!

So, who wants to try some?  Well 3 of you get to try a package!  That's right!  Thank you so much MI-DEL!

Please fill out the form below and GOOD LUCK!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

T-Bone turns 13!!

My oldest (the wonderfully talented blog assistant extraordinaire!) T-Bone turns 13 today.  Wow how time flies huh?  I really do remember it like it was yesterday.  Details and pictures of his celebration will follow and I am letting him choose a gift for you!  That is right!  I am giving away a gift in his honor to one lucky reader!  I am letting him choose from my box of blog goodies!  Details and easy entry (of course!) will follow!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Why is my baby sick? Part 3

**Please be advised this post is graphic in some area**

Part 1 of this story can be found HERE
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The next morning (Saturday~2 weeks and a day after this all started) while getting ready to start cooking breakfast I went to change Tates and he had a bloody phlegmy BM.  We literally through clothes on and grabbed the diaper and ran out the door.  

By 10:30am we were in an ER room and the nurse was testing the the diaper only this time Mommy was standing over his shoulder sifting through the poop to show him where the scrape and smear (I explained that I wasn't questioning his competence however for my own piece of mind I needed to see him test the part I knew was not normal).  Immediately it came back positive.  This was a bittersweet moment for me, finally I had proof I wasn't crazy however now it was real that Tates had something wrong with him.  

More blood had to be drawn, x-rays and an IV put in.  We were told every diaper had to be tested for blood and Tates had 5 more that day that all tested positive.  My mom came to pick up T-Bone and we waited around to hear from the Gastrointestinal (GI) team as to what was the next step.  Finally GI came down and went over our story (I think I actually told this story about 50 times to just as many people which might be why I hadn't posted about it until now, along with the fact that I am crying just typing it) and then again did a rectal exam and left to talk to the staff Dr.'s which meant they had no idea what to do and they were calling a more experienced Dr. at home to get advice.  

That's when the Admissions lady showed up in our ER room and handed us an inpatient packet. WAIT, Tates is being admitted?!  Apparently Admissions is quicker than the rest of the staff because our nurse came in and got an ear full of "what the heck is going on" from me.  He explained that Tates was being admitted for observation because nobody knows what is wrong with him, all the tests are coming back within normal range but his bloody BM's is not OK.  By now it is 6:30pm and Tates hasn't been aloud to eat or drink anything all day but we are informed he is put on a no restrictions diet for now, that poor thing stuffed chicken nuggets and french fries in his mouth without breathing.  Up until then he wasn't fussy or hungry acting too terribly much (except when he caught a glimpse of a coke can) but when I brought that food out he was shaking and shoveling it in.  We were told it might be another hour or longer before we would be moved upstairs to our room so my husband drove home to get some overnight things for us.  We still hadn't showered that day since we ran out of the house before breakfast.

While waiting for DJ to return we were moved upstairs to our room.  We were fortunate enough to be moved to a wing of the hospital that had just opened and it was gorgeous.  It looked like a hotel more than a hospital.  The rooms were huge and had a very home like feel to them.  Our nurse for the night just so happened to be in our room as we arrived so she introduced herself and took the diaper bag from me and helped me get settled.  I was very quiet (totally not like me!) and still trying to take in the fact that Tates was admitted to the hospital.  The nurse asked me for a history and to describe why we were here so she could get acquainted with Tates situation and then offered to give us a tour.  Since Tates wasn't on food restrictions she showed us the 'nourishment rooms' which are rooms that you can go grab a snack for your baby.  They are fully stocked with quick and easy items for your sick little ones midnight craving.  This is where Tates was introduced to graham crackers which he absolutely LOVES now.  She also showed me where the family laundry room was (I was sure we wouldn't need that) and where the play room was-a definite NEED to know room!

The nourishment room came in very handy almost immediately considering Tates had missed the dinner times for inpatients, however he didn't seem to really want anything except sports drinks and graham crackers.  

The nurse took Tates temperature (she wraps this sticky thing around his toe attached to a chord which he absolutely hates for some reason.  He screams like crazy every time even though it is painless) and vital signs and told me she would have to take them every 4 hours overnight.  No fever and vitals are good.  She also lets me know that each diaper doesn't need to get tested for blood anymore however each one will need to be weighed.  She weighs a dry cloth diaper and just tells me to leave the wet/dirty ones next to the scale and let her know when there is one ready to be weighed.  

Diaper changes at this point are a nightmare.  Tates startes getting hysterical whenever I begin to lean over his hospital bed to put him down.  I am sure it is because he is so sick of being poked and examined.  With him not really eating or drinking very much he isn't having many diaper changed though.

DJ finally arrives and I get a little shower before getting Tates to sleep.  With everything going on and being in a strange place and such a long day (I don't know if I mentioned every time he drifted to take a nap someone woke him up to be examined or taken for tests) Tates didn't fall asleep very well.  All the lights off and a quiet room being rocked by the window with a pretty lit up downtown view he was finally lulled to sleep.  He was so exhausted that I actually transferred him to the hospital crib without him even noticing.  Tates has been a co-sleeper since he had an ear infection when he was 5 months old and never looked back so this transition to a bed that is not his is a huge deal, he was obviously really tired.

More to come.......