Thursday, April 19, 2012

Booty Buns Cloth Diapers Review & Sponsor Spotlight

When I started cloth diapering I never thought it would lead to so many changes in my life, including meeting so many new wonderful people.  Cloth diapering moms (and dads!) are some of the nicest most generous people I have ever known.  This is true with one of my most recent new friends, the mom creator behind Booty Buns Cloth Diapers.  Shannon not only sent me one of her wonderful one sized cloth diapering systems (more on that later!) to test out on Tates but is also sponsoring a cloth diapering system for the Honor the Earth Giveaway Hop!

Shannon's generosity doesn't stop with us; along with the support of her husband Sean and her two daughters, Booty Buns donates one cloth diaper for EVERY cloth diaper purchased.  Diaper for diaper, you read that right!  Booty Buns donates their cloth diapers to babies with debilitating diseases in the USA and is the official cloth diaper sponsor to Operation Showers of Appreciation which helps families that are serving our country in the military, what a wonderful way to thank our troops!
So you love the company now I am gonna show why you will love the diapers!  I said before Booty Buns sells what I call a cloth diaper system, her is what you get with every diaper purchase!
Each diaper comes with a 100% cotton flannel liner that (is coordinated to match the diaper) is great for easy cleanups of bm's and nice if you prefer natural fibers against babies skin (inner of diaper is suedecloth).

The flannel liner fits into the diaper perfectly laying over the entire inner surface area.
You also receive a generously sized (7.5" x 7.5") cloth wipe (yep it is color coordinated too!) that is double sided consisting of one side cotton flannel and one side jersey micro-terry cloth and has serged edges to prevent any fraying.  I like using the terry side to 'scoop' the poop and the flannel side to make sure and babies tush is smoothed dry.
Double rows of snap closure (my favorite) and crossover tabs are great for smaller babies, with very deep crossover tabs you can surely get a secure fit on a tiny baby.
This one sized diaper has four (4) rows of rise snaps which means you can adjust it to 5 sized whereas most one sized diapers have only three or as little as two rows of rise snaps.
I prefer back pocket opening but some moms like front openings....this diaper has BOTH!  Everyone is happy, pull out your inserts however you choose.
Have a toddler that runs everywhere like I do?  No worries, there is a snap in the front of the diaper to secure your insert into place to avoid bunching and movement of your insert which might alleviate concerns of leaking. You can see the waterproof (PUL) flap that covers the snaps so babies skin won't have snap irritation.
Hip snaps are another favorite feature of mine, these are great for avoiding wing droop which can cause leaks when they aren't fastened.  Elastic at the back top of the diaper to hug babies backside and avoid back upper explosions.
Every baby will have some kind of crazy blowout diaper incident at some point in their life but with the wonderful double gussets that are both gentle on the legs but stand up on their own to contain whatever your little on can dish.
Tates is currently about 29 pounds and the diaper fits great.  I can't believe it but it is true, the rise is NOT fully unsnapped!  This is the only diaper we own that isn't at it's largest rise setting.  He also has many snap setting left on the waist (10 total snap row setting on the waist).
Tates thunder thighs fit the leg holes wonderfully and he seems very comfortable and has no red marks.
I wanted to show several shots of how trim the diaper is, squatting on the couch, running around playing and laying on his tummy 'hiding' from me!
The two included inserts (newborn and large sized) are three (3) layers of microfiber terry each so if you have a heavy wetter you can use both for 6 super absorbent layers.
Purchase:  Available in 10 vibrant colors with some adorable names like  Pun'Kin Booty (the orange we have!), Lucky Booty (green) and Night Night Booty (black) you will want one of every color whether you have a boy or a girl! You can purchase your favorite Booty diaper color from the Booty Buns site and receive flat rate shipping on any size order!  What is your favorite feature of Booty Buns cloth diapers?
Honor the Earth
Win A Booty: Don't forget!  Shannon is sponsoring a Booty Buns Cloth Diaper system in winner's choice of in stock color for the Honor the Earth Giveaway Hop!  Head on over and Enter now for your chance to win a cloth diaper along with a pair of Project Pomona Orchard Pockets!


  1. Wow, I am amazed that she donates a diaper for every diaper sold. I already feel so good about cloth diapering (for the many benefits it provides alone), but to feel like you are also helping someone else.... WOW!

  2. i love how trim it is! and that it comes with a printed liner!

  3. I like that it has 4 rows of snaps!

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  4. I love cloth diapers and used them for a long time - until my little one decided he no longer wanted to be in one and would go hunting for disposables (which we used for daycare). So I packed them up and gave them away since they were in such good condition. These days the technology for cloth diapers are amazing, aren't they?

    I'm your newest follower:-) Please stop by and follow back if you can. Have a great day!


  5. I love everything about this diaper but I think my favorite thing is the sleeve opening so I don't have to unstuff it to wash it

  6. I love that the diaper comes with a flannel liner and all the adjusting snaps!

  7. I love the double gussets and the snap positions.

  8. I love that they donate a diaper for every one sold!

  9. I always love a pocket with 2 openings and a double gusset!

  10. I like the double gussets and the double pocket openings are great too. :)

  11. I love the double gussets and the openings in the front and back!
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  12. Just thought you might be interested in rethinking your review... Plus, I want to warn the other mamas on here about this...
    Booty Buns may have the worst customer service I have ever heard of. Plus, she doesn't even make her own diapers. They are Alvas!

    A mama on the cloth diaper board on BBC had a terrible terrible experience with Shannon recently:

    1. Juniper,

      I am sorry to hear you didn't have a good experience with Booty Buns. I had nothing but a good experience with Shannon and I really like the diaper system and will continue to use it. I know lots of cloth diaper manufacturers that don't make their own diapers and I believe Shannon is up front about this on her site and doesn't claim to make them herself. I hope you have other good experiences with cloth diapers and continue to love fluff as much as I do :)

    2. I also did a review with Shannon and Booty Buns!!! I have to say that they were extremely nice and helpful with everything for my review and giveaway. It's fine that you have your own opinion but it is extremely rude to post something so negative on somebody else s blog about a product they LOVE!!! I am extremely happy with my Booty Buns diaper and would defiantly work with Shannon and the company in the future!!

  13. I think she was just trying to give you guys a heads up. Rude or not, I would want to know if I paid 5 times (literally) the amount for a re-labeled Alva.

  14. I thought the point of a review and blog was to have objective information. I do not think it is rude to give your experience with a person or company. It is easy to have a great opinion when you did not pay for something. I am sure your reviews are a objective as possible considering it was given to you for free. Shannon Carrillo has alot to learn about being a business owner and being respectful.

    1. krgarcia1222,

      I give my honest opinion of a product and the 'free' part of a product is my compensation for those opinions and experiences. Everyone has different experiences and is entitled to their opinions. I cannot speak for Shannon or anyone else for that matter as I do not know the entire situation.

      I did not say the comment was rude-I actually approve every comment on my blog and chose to publish the comment as I see it as a valid point she chose to share. I want to emphasize that my reviews are just that, my opinions, thoughts and experiences. I will not change or rethink my review based on a comment or experience someone else had.

      I am not trying to fight with anyone and I appreciate your thoughts and opinions as I value my readers immensely however I don't want this review to turn into a forum for mean words and accusations.

  15. I was referring to the PP who made the comment that it was rude. I appreciate your review and you posting my comments.