Monday, April 23, 2012

Dasani Takes A Fresh Look at Recycling & #Win A Pair Of New Balance newSKY Shoes! #sponsored

A Better Bottle: About PlantBottle®
I am excited to announce that Dasani is now being served in PlantBottle® packaging. Plantbottle is the award-winning bottle made from up to 30% plants, sourced from sugarcane by-products from Brazil. Brazilian sugarcane is considered an “Advanced Renewable Fuel” by the EPA & is the only first generation biofuel widely recognized by thought leaders globally for its unique & social performance.
Using plant-based materials reduces our reliance on non-renewable resources & lowers our carbon footprint. In fact, DASANI’s switch to PlantBottle saves enough natural resources to power a community of 7,800 homes.

In addition to saving energy, PlantBottle is 100% recyclable and DASANI has optimized the bottle design for ideal recycling including the cap, label, inks & glues.

The PlantBottle innovation has been recognized by several world-class organizations, including winning the Global DuPont Award for sustainable packaging in 2010 and the silver medal in energy and sustainable packaging category of the 2011 Edison Awards.

It’s important to note that PlantBottle is an important step, but not the end destination. In addition to the creation of PlantBottle ®, since the introduction of DASANI, the company reduced the amount of plastic in the 500ml bottle by more than 40% and the weight of our 20oz bottle has been reduced by 22%. DASANI is continuously exploring ways to lighten their footprint including further reducing of the amount of plastic used in the bottle and accelerating their goal of creating a commercially-viable 100% plant-based bottle. I for one am really impressed with the efforts this company is making and am happy to spread the word! You can learn more about these initiatives by watching the Dasani PlantBottle® Spot on You tube and learn how DASANI's PlantBottle® Saves Energy.

Refresh, Recycle, Reinvent: DASANI’s Partners
DASANI believes in not only promoting the recycling of its bottles, but also promoting the many cool items the recycled bottles can become. That’s why we partner with companies with similar mindsets, such as New Balance.
DASANI and New Balance have partnered together for the launch of newSKYTM, a line of footwear made from recycled plastic bottles. Together, we are working to both show consumers that there can be all kinds of exciting ways to recycle materials into new uses, and that we all need to do our part in protecting our environment.  If you love a good pair of shoes as much as I do you definitely want to go
to You Tube to see the New Balance newSKY Shoes.

DASANI's Recycling Initiatives
DASANI has partnered with a variety of organizations to promote the importance of recycling: 
• Coca-Cola Recycling: Since 2007, Coca-Cola Recycling has worked with the Coca-Cola system and community partners to increase the collection of beverage packaging for use again in North America. They currently manage 30 dedicated recycling centers, a commercial brokerage network, an online recycling bin fulfillment site and the execution of hundreds of local recycling programs around the country. 
• Recyclebank: Since 2006, Coca-Cola has partnered with Recyclebank, a meaningful rewards program that motivates people to recycle by rewarding them for their efforts. Recyclebank Points are earned based on the weight of the recyclables and are redeemable for valuable discounts, free products, gift cards and movie tickets, to name just a few. 
• Keep America Beautiful/Bin Grant Program: The Coca-Cola/Keep America Beautiful Bin Grant Program donates recycling bins to kick-start recycling programs for local organizations. Through your support, you’ve helped us grant bins to non-profits, government, civic organizations, schools and for profit corporations.

Make sure you check out the DASANI Facebook Page for all their latest happenings and promotional news!

So who wants to win a pair of New Balance newSkye shoes?

You can ENTER DAILY to win 1 of the 500 pairs that are being given away through April 30, 2012!  Good Luck!

*This article is sponsored by DASANI


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