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People always want to know where and how you met your spouse and in the this time of technology why not think about using an Online Dating Agency?  Recently while chatting with online friends this very question came up and I was surprised to see how many people met their significant others online and how they had all been with them for such a long time.  There wasn’t one single friend that had a bad thing to say about their experiences and in fact they all said they would do it again!

My brother has always been a popular guy however he told me recently he had joined an online dating service and I was kind of shocked honestly and asked him why he joined.  He answered me plain and simple he was tired of waiting around to meet someone and playing games.  With a service specifically designed to help you find someone that has similar interests, beliefs or dislikes that you have you can easily find someone that is a good match for you.   You know people that you are matched with are looking for a real connection and are in the same boat as you are so the ice is already broken and you can relax and just enjoy meeting that special someone or if there is no love match maybe you have a new friend.

Feeling like you are still unsure of where to start or don’t want to spend money to get started?  Join this online dating agency for free! Not only can you join for free, but you can see your potential matches for free too!  Remember, be yourself and have fun because you too can find the love of your life! He or she could be just a click away!



  1. sandy1955 says:

    I did this some time back and had been with the man for 7 years, then we parted because of differences. I too was asked by many and I'd hear that I didn't know who I was meeting. I felt it was safer because you didn't have to meet right away and could talk online until you felt comfortable which is what I did. You also do not know who you are meeting no matter where you meet them, my thoughts.
    Sandy VanHoey

  2. Mandi @ Catholic Newlywed says:

    I met my husband online (although it was a Catholic dating site). Four years later, we have a beautiful baby girl and a wonderful life together. I've known several other people who've met their spouses that way as well, including my husband's brother who is marrying a WONDERFUL woman in June! I don't know why there is still a negative stigma surrounding online dating – if it works, it's totally worth it!

  3. I think there are positives and negative to using an online dating site. Positives include (hopefully) a screening process, the ability to get to know someone without as much risk, and an easier way to communicate. Negative include not knowing who you are really talking to.

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