Thursday, April 19, 2012

Project Pomona Orchard Pockets Review & Sponsor Spotlight

Earth Day, the time I really start thinking spring is on it's way with nice weather and there will no longer be a need to bundle the kids up for cold weather.  Then I think of my not so little cloth diapered baby boy's tush and start to panic...My Pomona jeans by Project Pomona have been an absolute God Send for us since receiving them for review, (we simply had to buy another pair) so we could have Tates in them all the time but now with the hot weather approaching and pants not being an option what do I do?  Resort to dressing Tates in hot sweat pant material shorts like last year so his fluffy tush fits in shorts?  NOPE, not this year!  Meghan has been hard at work and come up with the warm weather solution for fluff loving mama's, the all new Orchard Pockets-the spring and summer wardrobe essential not only for cloth diapering moms but moms in general!
For those of you who know all about the wonderful Project Pomona bottoms already you will be huge fans of the Orchard Pockets as they are similar to the awesome my Pomona pants only shorts.  For those of you that haven't had the pleasure, I am excited to introduce Project Pomona to you and show off Meghan's newest masterpieces!
Project Pomona pants (called My Pomona Jeans) and shorts (called Orchard Pockets) are a revolutionary invention by a cloth diapering mom named Meghan as her solution to what she (and every other cloth diapering mom) was having a hard time finding.....bottoms to fit cloth diaper bums.
The multiple sized waist band has front snap closure with 4 options on each side allowing for them to fit not just over cloth diapers but also for multiple seasons.  Every parent whether you cloth diaper or not will tell you that kids grow out of clothing so fast, and clothing isn't cheap.
The back elastic allows even more adjustability and longer wear not to mention a perfect fit on baby. The quick open and close flaps allow for super quick diaper changes too.
I was fortunate enough to be a 'tester' for Meghan's new Orchard Pockets and we adored the design including the great unisex accent fabrics that are available making the shorts adorable and functional-the fabric can be snapped up or down for various inseam lengths.
Have a baby/child with sensitive skin?  Tates can't stand tags, we have to remove them from most of his clothing but not our Pomona's, the tags are located on the outside flap so babies skin is never irritated.
On top of having a fluffy bum Tates is a big boy and wears pretty large clothing, he is 26 months old and wears size 3T in every pair of bottoms EXCEPT Pomona's.  The pants and shorts he is in size 3 (18 months-2T) and is on the second snap size which means he still has tons of room to grow.
Orchard Pockets fit great over Tates fluffy tush and actually look like your typical stylish toddler shorts, only these are way better :) Machine washable and made from 100% cotton, Meghan puts handmade love into each pair of Project Pomona's bottoms.
Mealtime or working with mom to help stuff envelopes Tates is comfy and cute in his shorts. Each pair is ultra soft whether you choose to toss them in the dryer or air dry them they seem to get softer with each washing.
You can't even tell he is wearing a cloth diaper here! Every view you can see these fit great!  And since they will fit for several seasons and/or children they are well worth every penny.  At only $26.95 a pair you can have one of each color combination Meghan has to offer!
Purchase: Meghan has a fully stocked website to cover your little ones fluffy tush with, ready to ship My Pomona jeans and Orchard Pockets can be purchased directly from the Project Pomona online store.  What is your favorite feature of these wonderful shorts?
Honor the Earth
Project Pomona PRIZE! Meghan is generously sponsoring a pair of Orchard Pockets to the lucky winner of the Honor the Earth Giveaway Hop!  Hurry over and enter to win your favorite pair along with a Booty Buns Cloth Diaper!


  1. I love love love that they are adjustable and made specifically to accommodate the extra bulk with cloth diapers.

  2. my son would look so cute in these!

  3. I really like the function of these. I would use them on our little one we're expecting this summer!

    huntermb3 at gmail dot com

  4. I love these! I love that my sons could wear these w/o 1/2 their bums/diapers hanging out. I either have to buy pants for them a size or two bigger and roll up the bottoms or their bums have to just hang out.

  5. I love the extra room for fluff. We get tired of leggings sometimes!

  6. I would live to have these on my little boy. It's nice to see pants made to accommodate fluffy butts!

  7. I LOVE the sizing! They will fit forever! THe cuffs are super cute too!
    tvpg at aol dot com

  8. I really like those cargo shorts! What a neat idea. We're starting to have to put 2 inserts in some of my son's diapers so pants fitting are starting to become more of an issue that we didn't have before