Zooper Waltz Stroller Review & #Giveaway

Choosing the right stroller for you families needs can be downright stressful.  Safety is the main concern for us for sure however let’s be honest….we all want a stroller that has all the bells and whistles that make life easier and let us and our kids stroll in style right?  Well look no further, Zooper has you covered, their motto is ‘More Than You Think‘ and that is exactly what I experienced….this is a company that makes wonderful gear for parents, baby, the whole family and you really do get More Thank You Think!
We were so fortunate to receive the Zooper Waltz single stroller to review. Although it arrived in several pieces, I had no problems getting it put together in about 15 minutes.  Most of the pieces were all the wonderful included accessories actually so I spent more time getting acquainted with the fun stuff than having to deal with complicated directions.  Assembly was a breeze, Zooper makes it easy-even a toddler can do it! (don’t worry, my toddler did not put the stroller together)
I mentioned safety was my first concern so I am really anxious to share some of the wonderful safety features this stroller has to offer.  

The strollers frame is made of ultra light aluminum which is super strong and supports the front wheel housings along with the front latch frame locks that ‘click’ allowing you to know the stroller is secure and ready for use.

A one step rear brake immediately locks both back wheels allowing for quick stops if needed or the extra reassurance that when the lock is on your stroller and child won’t move.
5 point safety harness that is fully adjustable to accommodate newborns up through large toddlers (stroller is safe for children up to 55 pounds!).  
The included coordinating strap covers also offer comfort for you along with keeping the straps in place.

For younger infants up through young toddlers the headrest is very soft offering support and sweet dreams if baby falls asleep.

Generous all purpose canopy, when I say ALL purpose I mean it!  This all in one canopy has been redesigned to include a UV net, rain cover and sunshade so your baby is protected no matter what the weather it.
An infant safety enclose allows for your little one to be fully enclosed when the seat is reclined and laying flat and also offers the option for any age child to enjoy the benefits of a warm breeze while strolling around town by simply zipping off and exposing the ventilation feature of the canopy.
And lastly (one of my favorites!) the included coordinating foot muff, perfect for keeping your kiddos shielded from the elements.  Pair it with the full coverage canopy and your baby is completely protected from the any external hazards while comfortable inside your Waltz.
Although all features of this stroller do have safety in mind I consider some of them just plain fun and extra bonuses, here are just a few.

When this stroller is folded/collapsed it stands independently which is fabulous for storage in your home or if you are trying to load/reload your car, I have had to shift things in my back seat while holding baby Tates and having to bend over and deal with a stroller that lays on the ground is a pain (sometimes literally when you are having to bend while holding a 30+ pound baby.

The Waltz is super easy to open and close, simply flip the foldaway lock (can be done with your thumb and forefinger easily), grab the handles (the one pictured and the steering bar) and pop the stroller open.

This is a view of the steering handle bar (standing behind the stroller as if pushing it), to collapse the stroller simply push the button located under the handle bar and grab the side handle and the stroller almost folds itself. Make sure you hear the foldaway lock click to ensure the stroller is closed.

An easy carry handle is attached to the already lightweight stroller making it even easier to transport.
Independent wheel suspensions offer a comfortable ride for baby and ease of moving the stroller if you choose to drag it rather than carry it.
The extra large utility basket is great for holding a diaper bag, mom’s purse or your foot muff while not in use.

Not only is there a convenient pocket on the canopy but there is two!  One is open and the other has a flap closure.

One handed recline with 4 position options for babies maximum comfort.

A three position easily adjustable leg rest allows for support of babies legs no matter what level you or baby prefer.

Have a toddler that eats nonstop like mine?  Use the included snack tray complete with a deep cup holder so your toddler can snack on the go.  Tray wipes clean in a jiffy!

You can also choose to use the fully padded armrest if your little one prefers.  Tates is a big boy, at only 25 months he wears a size 4T and as you can see he has plenty of room in the seat and plenty of room to grow.

I love that the adult cup holder is placed for easy access while pushing your child but out of their reach!  The cup holder is very strong and locks onto the stroller and stays attached even when collapsed for storage.

This stroller is easily maneuvered with one hand by myself, my husband and my 13 year old.  Not only is the Zooper Waltz equipped like a full size stroller/travel system, but it also is small enough to be a lightweight umbrella stroller offering the best of both worlds.  This luxury stroller has so many other awesome features including a car seat fastening belt for your infant seat, reflective safety piping, and so many color options to suit your personality.

Buy It: You can purchase this must have stroller for your daily needs through a retailer online or see one in person and purchase at the store nearest to you that is an authorized Zooper retailer.

Win: Zooper is generously giving one Eco Baby Mama Drama reader one of their green rockers!  Check out a few details about this wonderful product Zooper makes below and enter via Rafflecopter to win it!

  • Easy to use baby rocker, one-hand opening and flat fold for storage.
  • 5 position backrest. Adjustable footrest. 3-Point safety belt.
  • Suitable for children 6 months to 20 lbs.
  • Removable and washable fabric. Optional canopy and toy bars available in matching colors.

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