Thursday, May 3, 2012

DASANI® Photosynthesis Facebook App-Update Your Cover Photo & Support Charity! #sponsored

I don't know about you all but Change is something that makes me nervous and Facebook (something that is always changing!) with it's new Timeline feature has been a very overwhelming adjustment for me that I honestly haven't been too excited about until now!  DASANI® has created a cool new Facebook App that is fun for you and beneficial to everyone!

 DASANI® wants you to get creative with Facebook’s new timeline feature and support a good cause by ‘recycling’ your Facebook photos into an eye-catching image to top off your profile. For each photo montage created through the app, DASANI® will make a donation to the national non-profit organization, Keep America Beautiful in support of recycling initiatives on college campuses throughout the U.S.
Although Facebook changed my personal page to the new timeline I still haven't added my 'cover photo' yet so this is perfect timing for me and with the easy to use Photosynthesis App I can have a new look on my page and be a part of donating to a great cause and supporting a brand that gives back!
How to use the Photosynthesis App
Fans who have ‘liked’ the DASANI® Facebook page can access the application on the Photosynthesis tab of the Facebook page.  First, fans will select a photo from either their Facebook albums or a design from DASANI®, to create into a photo-mosaic. The Photosynthesis app will ‘recycle’ all of the fan’s existing Facebook photos into a stunning mosaic that fits perfectly as a cover image on their profile. Each time a fan participates, DASANI® will donate $1 to the nationally recognized nonprofit, Keep American Beautiful, in support of their Bin Grant Program on college campuses.

In addition, the fan’s profile photo will be added to the DASANI® mosaic of supporters, which will be featured on the Photosynthesis tab.
How else is DASANI® being a responsible company?
DASANI is now served in PlantBottle® packaging.  Plantbottle® is the award-winning bottle made from up to 30% plants, sourced from sugarcane by-products from Brazil.  Brazilian sugarcane is considered an “Advanced Renewable Fuel” by the EPA & is the only first generation bio fuel widely recognized by thought leaders globally for its unique & social performance.

The award winning bottle is 100% recyclable, you can see a few quick videos on You Tube and learn about DASANI's PlantBottle® and also see how DASANI's PlantBottle® Saves Energy.

Recently DASANI and New Balance partnered together for the launch of newSKYTM, a line of footwear made from recycled plastic bottles. You can see these eco-friendly and fashionable new shoes in action on You Tube!
Click the Facebook icon above to get started on your new cover photo and help support DASANI's® charitable efforts!

*App goes live May 4, 2012

This article is sponsored by DASANI


  1. I couldn't get to the app? I was super excited to try it, too! Maybe it's just me being a dingbat, but I tried two different links in the blog.

    1. Greener Mommy,

      The app went live today (May 4th) so try it now :)

  2. This is awesome, thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Cute idea. Love that it donates to charity!

  4. This is awesome! Love that it donates to charity.

  5. awesome idea! thank you for sharing!!

  6. thanks for posting! i've wanted to try out this app and am about to go over there now. :)

  7. I am super excited to try this app. On my way to download now. Thanks for the information. I love it when companies get charitable!

  8. Exciting app! THanks for the review and giveaway!!

  9. I am absolutely loving this plantbottle!

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  11. I want a pair of those shoes, they are so cool.

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