Monday, May 7, 2012

Norwex For Chemical Free Cleaning~A Review & Giveaway

When Carol an independent Norwex consultant contacted me about working together I was intrigued by the information she gave me and a bit skeptical as well.  In a nutshell as she explained, Norwex manufactures antibacterial microfiber cloths for cleaning your home from top to bottom using only water. Yep, ONLY WATER. No chemical cleaners, no paper towels (great for the environment!), no nasty chemical smells.... just water. 
I know what you are thinking because I was thinking the exact same thing when I first read about all this....HOW?  Instead of killing bacteria and germs with Bleach or other harsh chemicals you completely remove them from any surface in your home and wash them down the drain when you rinse the cloth. What makes Norwex different from other microfiber (they both clean great) is that Norwex has a silver based agent embedded in the tiny fibers before the cloth is woven and therefore it has self purification properties that render the germs and bacteria useless as germs and bacteria cannot grow on a surface that contains silver. Pretty cool right?  Want to know what you can clean with these amazing cloths and how to use them?
My FAVORITE thing about these?  They are kid friendly!  So when my teen is forced to clean or when little Tates wants to help mommy clean I am not worried about them being exposed to harsh chemicals or spraying the wrong cleaners on the wrong surfaces.  My husband likes using these on his electronic equipment especially because there is nothing to worry about damaging expensive things, I like the no more excuses to help mom clean :)
Carol sent me the most popular products (we received everything listed above) to try and I have to tell you I was really surprised at the results we experienced.  My husband used the Enviro Cloth to detail my car and let me just say hauling around 2 boys can be a messy job, this poor cloth was seriously put to the test.  My car had dried old crusty spilled juice in crevices, sticky cup holders from my teenager and Lord only knows what else from kids eating in the car and dirty shoes being on the seat backs.  Tates and I used the Window Cloth (to clean the windows of course!) and I was AMAZED at the results, even with the tiny amount of pressure my 27 month old used the windows were streak free and crystal clear!  The Dust Mitt is a real favorite around my home as it is a fun fuzzy glove that gets fought over wen cleaning duties are divided up.  You can't get any simpler than swiping over any dusty surface and in a flash the job is done.  Forget to dust for a few weeks?  No problem, this thick and thirsty mitt can hold A LOT or dust (wet or dry) and after a quick rinse off you are ready for more!  And last but definitely not least I used the Body Pack for head to toe cleansing.  Silky smooth on your skin (but a great gentle exfoliator) these cut your need for facial cleansers helping your beauty budget too! 
Carol has been absolutely fabulous to work with, you can tell she is truly passionate about helping others clean healthy and get a REAL Clean. Carol offers personal consultations to help with your families needs such as recommending the DeScaler for our home since we have hard water (an awesome product I might add!).  You can even host a Norwex party and earn all these wonderful products just for sharing them with your friends.  Already sold?  Shop Carol's website now!

Giveaway Time~ Carol is giving one lucky Eco Baby Mama Drama reader the chance to win a Household Package of your own! This includes a Norwex Antibacterial Microfiber Cloth, a Norwex Polishing cloth, and one dusting mitt.  Thanks Carol!!

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