Sentry Safe from Pro Home Stores

Where do you keep your valuables?  That isn’t a question most people ask or anyone usually wants to share the answer too either.  I thought about renting a safety deposit box at our bank, although that sounds like a good idea it might not be the most convenient with ‘bankers hours’ not necessarily fitting into my schedule.  Not only that but in this economy who wants another bill to pay each month?  I found an affordable solution that also gives me piece of mind, an in home safe.

The model I received is a Sentry Safe that has so many features to ensure you valuables are indeed safe and yet fits in our apartment very discreetly so nobody even knows it exists.  One of my favorite features of this safe is that is can be bolted to the ground (hardware is included) for when we do get a house.  I also really like how nice the inside of the safe is, not just cold metal it is carpeted inside and there is a lot of room (8.5′h x 13.6′ w x 8.7′d).

I really like that the safe is electronic entry however it offers a key backup which is very nice too.  The safe offers 2 solid steel live-locking bolts as well as the solid steel door which is pry resistant so if your home was broken into your valuables are still safe.
Our safe came from Pro Home Stores, an online retailer that offers Bean Bag Chairs, Water fountains, Ventless fireplaces and more.  I could spend hours shopping each store and finding things I would like to furnish our home, what is your favorite product?


  1. Danielle Harper says:

    Is it also fire safe? I just wonder since it can be bolted to the floor you wouldn't be able to grab it in case of a house fire. We definitely need one of these for our valuables though.

  2. WoW That's great to know! I have been looking for a personal safe!

  3. I've been thinking about getting one of these for some of the papers I have just sitting out. No good, I know. I know Sentry is a trusted brand, too!! Right now, I would love a water fountain for my garden!

  4. we love sentry brand. but now i want a sofa bean bag. just to say i have a sofa bean bag!

  5. heather c. says:

    Froggy looks happy in there! :)

  6. Great safe. I think every homeowner needs to have a safe for their personal items. Its so important in case of a fire or something worse.

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