Ju-Ju-Be B.F.F. Diaper Bag

New Disclosure (Above placement)As a busy mom that is on the go quite a bit I’ve recently realized I’m also an over packer. I switch bags quite often honestly because I can’t get everything I need to fit perfectly, until now. I was given the opportunity to review a bag from Ju-Ju-Be and was elated. My Royal Envy B.F.F. bag is honestly, my new BFF!  It’s a stylish and highly functional way for me to carry all my things as well as my kids things while being extremely organized at the same time.jujube logo small

I could really go on forever about my new B.F.F. and how fabulous it is, I’m going to try to summarize everything I love about it for you so you can see why it is the best!

1.) Style – With lots of bags you either get style OR functionality…not with Ju-Ju-Be, you get the best of both world! Not only have I fallen in love with this bag but so have friends, family members and complete strangers! I’ve been approached and asked about it while out and about several times. The stunning Royal Envy print I chose is gender neutral and classy and I will definitely use it for years after my littles are out of diapers. Ju-Ju-Be has a wide array of stylish prints (and solids) to choose from so your personality can be expressed through your bag. Plus they release new prints each season, I can already guarantee I will be getting more! OK honestly, I’ve already purchased more since receiving my B.F.F.!jujube bff2.) Carrying Options – I’ve admitted to being an over packer which means I always have lots of stuff with me, sometimes it’s a huge stack of diapers and other times it’s a pile of pool stuff. With the 3 (YES 3!) different carrying options for my B.F.F. I’m always comfortable when lugging everything with me. You can use the short grab handle (hubs does this a lot), use the padded messenger strap (over the shoulder or cross body) or my favorite option is using the backpack straps (which are ergonomically correct!). Wether I’m using both straps or just one my hands are free for other things. The Ju-Ju-Be B.F.F. bag’s messenger and backpack straps are both removable so you can choose to have all 3 at your fingertips at all times if you like or remove one if you don’t use it.

jujube diaper bag3.) Organization – The organizational options are seriously brilliant in the B.F.F., there are so many pockets in this bag.  The front pocket (called the mommy pocket) has a soft pouch for your sunglasses, spot for your cell phone, a bungy style clip for your keys, a deep zippered pocket, and two open pockets.  There’s a small zippered section above the outside mommy pocket that is large enough to hold stroller clips (sold separately) and more, whatever you might want for quick access. The main large section of the bag has even more pockets (both open and zippered) plus a fun spot for pictures! There are two insulated pockets on the sides, perfect for keeping your kids and your drinks cold or hot. Even when the inside pockets are packed and large bottles are in the sides there is still a huge area for clothing, diapers or whatever you want to pack up. The back pocket contains a coordinating memory foam changing pad that is generously sized and handy.

jujube bff diaper bag4.) Light Colored Interior – Ever been out and about and searching your bag for something that seems to have disappeared into the Abyss? Even in broad daylight I can’t seem to navigate my bags sometimes. Ju-Ju-Be has solved this problem for every woman! Each bag has a coordinating light-colored interior so it’s easy to find everything fast. No more blind feeling around for what you need ;). Plus the bags are all made with AgION Antimicrobial Linings … kills germs, mold, mildew, fungus, bacteria, and other bad stuff. A moms dream!!

machine washable diaper bag5.) Machine Washable – AMEN, every mom (and probably lady in general) has had something spill in their bag before. Bottles, lip gloss, pen explosion or even a diaper leak (Eek!), or worse you set your bag on the nasty floor somewhere? Bags get dirty and nasty, with Ju-Ju-Be your bag can be looking great in no time, toss it in your home washing machine whenever you need. Each bag has Teflon fabrication (treatment) on the outside to keep it looking it’s best for a long time, it’s perfect because stains tend to not stick!

Now you know why I love my new B.F.F. and I’m sure you want your own too right? It’s definitely the diaper bag I reach for first and have used it even when I didn’t have my kids with me! Ju-Ju-Be bags really are smart bags for smart people, they are a great way to stay organized and still look fashionable while running around town!

You can buy your own B.F.F. as well as check out their other fun styles on the Ju-Ju-Be website. Make sure you follow them via FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for the latest news and promotions!

Which style Ju-Ju-Be bag do you love most? What are your favorite features of the bags? What is your favorite Ju-Ju-Be print?

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  1. I love the Cobalt Blue, in the BFF Bag!

  2. Be Prepared in the Crimson Kaleidoscope.

  3. kellie oke says:

    i would totally love a bff in platinum petals! i dont think my hubby would mind carrying it around either 🙂

  4. Better Be in Scarlett Petals!
    Sarah Parisi recently posted..Chicago Area Apple Orchard Guide 2013My Profile

  5. christine k says:

    BETTER BE - scarlet petals

  6. Victoria W. says:

    like the BFF charcoal roses 🙂


  8. You know what I want!!! A Fairytella BP!!! OMG such a cute print

  9. I love the Tokidoki line. I think I’d choose the BFF in Iconic Tokidoki. I love all of them though. Such beautiful bags!

  10. I would love a Fairytella BRB! So cute for school!

  11. Tiffany P says:

    I love the BFF Messenger in the shadow waltz print!!

  12. I’d choose Scarlet Petals or Fairytella

  13. Christina says:

    I like the Be Prepared in Charcoal Roses -

  14. Heather Palmer says:

    Would die for a Scarlett petals BFF!!

  15. I like the better be in the Platinum Petals.

  16. I love the Be Prepared TOKIDOKI FAIRYTELLA bag!

  17. I love the BFF, I’ve been trying to justify getting a new diaper bag. I like charcoal roses from the new collection, but I LOVE royal envy from the older prints.

  18. Scarlet Petals BFF

  19. i like the HoboBe

  20. Joy Newlan says:

    HoboBe in scarlet petals

  21. Hobo-be in Scarlet Petals for me!! 🙂

  22. Be Quick - Cobalt Blossom!

  23. I love the hobo be in the new scarlet petals.

  24. Lindsay Sorensen says:

    I love the Cobalt Blue, in the BFF Bag!

  25. I may change my mind, but as of right now Platinum Petals in the Super Be bag

  26. Charcoal Roses!

  27. I like the Be All Bag in MARVELOUS MUMS

  28. Charlotte R says:

    I LOVE the Hobobe in CHARCOAL ROSES!

  29. Anne Perry says:

    I like the mister grey BFF

  30. Trisha W. says:

    I might want to try Be Prepared PLATINUM PETALS.

  31. BFF in charcoal roses!

  32. Jessica Long says:

    MISTER Gray looks pretty awesome. I think it might be a reference to that book but it is so so attractive! I would love it in any style but I especially like the messenger style pictured on the main fall page.

  33. I would want the B.F.F. in Mister Gray! This would make the BEST camera bag!! Fingers crossed that I win!~!

  34. Judith Martinez says:

    I like the be prepared in drip drops.

  35. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I love the Better Be TOKIDOKI FAIRYTELLA bag! That print is so cute!

  36. Lily Ivey says:

    I like the HoboBe in Dreamy Diamonds.

  37. Be Prepared in MISTER GRAY

  38. Be Prepared in Scarlet Petals

  39. lisa gonzalez says:

    I love the charcoal rose print!

  40. Addison Kat says:

    I’m loving the Fairytella BFF

  41. Lindsey Doepker says:

    I love the Be Preppared in ether scarlet petals or cobalt blossoms there is just so room.

  42. I have the Jujube in black licorice and would love to get this for my sister, I RAVE about this diaper bag all the time! Im in LOVE. I would pick Mister Gray for her!

  43. Super Be in Mister Gray!

  44. I would love the HoboBe in Charcoal Roses!

  45. The Be Prepared, the B.F.F., or the Better Be in Cobalt Blossoms!

  46. Melissa Brox says:

    The BFF - If choosing from all patterns, then Licorice Twirl. If just from the new fall line, then Charcoal Roses. Thanks for the chance to win!

  47. Jennifer T. says:

    I like the B.F.F. bag in Charcoal Roses.

  48. Rebecca Xavier says:

    I like the Be Prepared bag in Cobalt Blossoms.

  49. Love charcoal roses!

  50. Charcoal Roses for me!


  52. I think my favorite is the be prepared in fairytella, I love the royal envy you have too!

  53. I love Scarlet Petals.

  54. I would love either a Be Prepared or BFF. I can’t make up my mind if I would like a Fairytella, Charcoal Roses, or Scarlet Petals! I am dying to get one of these bags! Thanks for the giveaway!

  55. I love the B.F.F. in LICORICE TWIRL or LOTUS LULLABY!

  56. (sorry if this posts twice…the first time I tried it called me a spambot! So I’m trying this again…feel free to delete this comment if its there twice.) oh man I would LOVE one of these! I REALLY like the new charcoal roses print and I’m not sure if I like the Be Prepared or the BFF better…so cute! Thanks for the great giveaway! Good luck everyone!

  57. So many great bags! I think I would want to try the bff or hobobe. Maybe mister gray or fairytella. Hmmm. Is it bad I want them all?! Hahaha.

  58. I love the scarlet petals!

  59. Emily Cargile says:

    I love the “Be Prepared” bag in Shadow Waltz (though it says it is out of stock!) 🙁 Lots of cute bags on this site! 🙂

  60. Amy Lumley says:

    I LOVE the BFF in shadow waltz, but would probably chose Licorice twirl to be a bit more gender neutral and keep daddy happy 🙂

  61. Shalaina S says:

    I like the hobobe in both charcoal roses and cobalt blossoms.

  62. Michelle J. says:

    I would love to get my hands on a Hobobe or BFF in Mr. Gray or Charcoal Roses. A BFF or hobobe in Fairytella would be even more amazing but I don’t think that is possible ATM. 🙂

  63. Be Right Back in fairytella

  64. Lauren Simms says:

    BFF in Scarlet Petals

  65. lindsey doepker says:

    Thanks for the coupon

  66. scarlet petals

  67. Be Prepared in Iconic or Fairytella.

  68. A lot of great bags in fantastic prints!

  69. Aubree Faunce says:

    CHARCOAL ROSES love the black and grey with the teal

  70. alisa lewis says:

    Be right back in Fairytella. 🙂


  72. Vanessa Coker says:

    Scarlet Petals BFF, so pretty!

  73. I would like the be prepare in Mr Gray.

  74. I like the mister grey HoboBe.

  75. Ashley Despain says:

    I like the Better Be in the Crimson Kaleidoscope!

  76. Sarah Hayes says:

    Be Prepared TOKIDOKI
    FAIRYTELLA is what id get

  77. Sonya Morris says:

    Oh my heart! I would love the Be Prepared in the Platinum Petals!!

  78. christine k says:

    I soooooooo want this! Who won? 😀

    • Christine,

      I adore my Ju-Ju-Be and am working to verify a winner. Please excuse the delay as we are experiencing a family illness, I always email winners and give ample response time for claiming prizes 😉 thanks so much for continuing to follow us!

      • christine k says:

        aww, shoot… you didn’t have to respond twice! Half the time I don’t hear a response on any comment or question on a blog post until a while after I ask so I thought I would ask on fb too.. now I feel bad!


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