Öko Créations Hemp Denim Diaper Bag

New Disclosure (Above placement)16 years into parenting and I’ve pretty much accepted the fact that kids are ridiculously messy. If there are any parents reading this that have discovered the magic potion to cure the messiness they are seemingly endowed with from birth… please contact me immediately.

While I eagerly await your responses, however, I’ll tell you about a product I’ve found that helps me deal with the messiness and disorganization that is children! The hemp denim diaper bag by Öko Créations!oko creations logo mini

If you aren’t familiar with Öko Créations, they are a company that has been designing, manufacturing and distributing environmentally-friendly textile products for the entire family; since 2009.

Not only are their products environmentally-friendly, they are also extremely stylish! I received the hemp denim diaper bag! This is NOT your ordinary diaper bag, it is cleverly disguised as a stylish carry all bag. The design I received is charcoal and gray design, and a newly released version of the bag! The fact that it is machine washable is every mother’s dream!It also has a thick nylon inner, which makes it easy to wipe clean in between washings! The 2 back slit pockets and 2 front flip cover pockets gives me quick access to items without having to dig for them. Inside, there are 4 inside storage spaces to keep you organized, and an open area that holds larger items. This bag is easily stuff-able and holds tons! This is so important, because there’s nothing worse than having to carry babies bag AND a separate purse or clutch for your other essentials. It just works much better when you can fit it all in one! Isn’t it AMAZING how much I can fit in this bag? I could easily fit a lot more inside on top of what you see!hemp diaper bagAnother important aspect in choosing a bag is making sure it’s easy to transport. This bag makes that very easy with stroller clips and shoulder straps as well as 2 grab handles, all included! Great if your significant other prefers shorter handles and you are a cross body wearer like I can be!

Photo courtesy of Öko Créations

So, while I’d still love to find the secret tip to cure my child’s messiness… I’ll settle for washable and organized in the mean time! And the eco-friendly aspect makes me love it even more!

What’s your must have feature when it comes to a diaper bag?

If you are in Canada, you can place your order directly from the website! If you are in the US, please email:  [email protected] for order assistance. The website will be set up to handle US orders soon!


  1. You know, my MUST HAVE diaper bag feature is that it MUST NOT look like a diaper bag! You know, those ridiculous ones with Winnie the Pooh (or similar) all over them?! What adult woman (or man) wants to lug that around?!

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