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Whether you are a first time mom or a mom to a large brood, you come to the realization that having a functional diaper bag is a necessity. Most moms I know also demand a fashionable bag that shows their style is just as important as functionality. When given the opportunity to test out one of the AlmaRose diaper bags in exchange for my thoughts I was elated! Take one look at the gorgeous diaper bags on the website and you will know exactly what I’m talking about!

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When the Maxine bag first arrived I was literally giddy, the beautiful kelly green color is striking and the soft yet structured Italian pebble leather is so luxurious. The gold hardware is the perfect accent color and makes the bag really pop, not your average diaper bag by far. The generously sized bag (21.5”L X 15” H X 8.37” W) really elevates the term “diaper bag” and will definitely change traditional thoughts of what a diaper bag looks like. The protective feet on the bottom of the bag ensure your bag stays nice even if you have to put it on the ground.

During the years you need a diaper bag the Maxine is a must have. There is a coordinating change mat that is nicely sized (22.5”L X 13.3” W) making it great even for squirmy kiddos. The water and stain resistant interior (the change mat is too!) is heavenly, I know so many moms who have been devastated by their bags being ruined with spilled liquids or makeup for example. With two bottle pockets inside your children’s drinks/bottles are secure and easily located saving valuable time for busy moms and/or upset kids. I LOVE the organization of this bag it really is fabulous! No need to worry about digging around an abyss looking for your little ones pacifier or your keys, the handy short clips on each side of the bag make them always a quick reach away.

If you are like me and tend to overpack this is by far THE bag for you! There is so much room, I actually don’t have to carry a purse with me anymore! There is a wonderful little coordinated express bag (12.31”L X 8.68” H) that is perfect for things you might want to keep secluded. Speaking of seclusion, this bag has such wonderful features that keep mommy and kids areas separate but still together in one gorgeous package. There is a magazine divider pocket which is perfect for dividing this beauty, I keep all my things in the back of the bag where there is a cell phone pocket, mini zipper pocket with hidden credit card slots (this really is the coolest!) and an outside zippered pocket perfect for quick needs like lip balm, asthma inhaler or a cell phone charger.

The front portion of my Maxine is dedicated to my kids, the padded iPad/Kindle snap closure protective pocket is a safe haven for the kids electronics and the zippered and slit style pockets next to our electronics area is great for holding chargers as well as crayons or snacks even. The outside front pocket is perfect for books, tissues and boogie wipes which we can’t seem to get enough of! Both inner areas are quite large and have ample space for a change of clothes (for mom and kids!), extra shoes, diapering needs, and when you are beyond the diapering years there is plenty of room to use this beauty as a weekend getaway bag.The Maxine is by far a staple bag for every woman’s closet whether you are a mom or just a fashionista that loves a spacious and stylish bag. We’ve been using the Maxine for a few months now and it’s been with us through unexpected last minute trips out of town, stays in the hospital, days out running errands as well as play dates, it never disappoints. Whether lugging around toys or travel necessities the Maxine has been my go to since it arrived and it still looks brand new.What is your favorite feature of the Maxine bag? If you prefer a more traditional color bag AlmaRose offers two beautiful alternatives in the black/onyx Claire and the Cognac Lydia, which one of the three is your favorite? I know I definitely want to own all three!


  1. An amazing diaper bag can make or break a trip. That is true with any trip, short or long, but when it’s a long one the right diaper bag can be a downright life saver. 🙂

  2. This is the best diaper bag I’ve ever seen! When my kids were little, I had this ugly blue and green thing that was much smaller. It was atrocious.

  3. I haven’t seen this particular bag before, but it looks great. I have a decent one, but I could definitely use and upgrade to this bad boy!

  4. That’s a sweet bag! I’m far past the days of needing a diaper bag, but this would be great for a ton of other things, as well!

  5. Maxine wins hands down. I like the space, style, raised feet and look of quality. This will definitely be on my list for baby shower gifts to give.

  6. These look really handy for days out. They look really nice too!

  7. I wish I had a cool diaper bag like that back when I was carrying babies around, would have been so perfect!

  8. I wish diaper bags like this had been around when my kids were little. It’s so stylish.

  9. It has been awhile since I’ve needed to carry a diaper bag but I always felt being able to carry the most stuff in the smallest bag was the goal. This bag seems to have a spot for everything you need and anything you can think of!

  10. Wow, that bag holds a ton! That is awesome. It’s a bag i could sure use with all my kiddos. I love the color of it too, such a pretty green!

  11. I haven’t needed a diaper bag in some time. This one seems really nice and spacious!

  12. My diaper bag is essential when I go out with my kids! I don’t know what I’d do without it!

  13. I don’t need a diaper bag as we are past that but that bag would make a great weekend bag or day bag too… even if we don’t need a “diaper bag” plus I love the green color!

  14. Those are great bags. Even just to use them as a mom. I got a free diaper bag. It worked but it was not cute.

  15. That is one classy diaper bag! I love the green color and how much storage you get!

  16. Natalie Z says:

    I am past the baby days. However I remember organization in the diaper bag was key! I am sharing this with my sister in law (new mom)

  17. Kristen Biehl says:

    That bag is GORGEOUS! I’m dying for a more “grown up” looking diaper bag.

  18. I love diaper bags that don’t look like diaper bags. That one is gorgeous!

  19. What a nice looking diaper bag! I am in the market for one now, baby girl will be here in a few short weeks!

  20. That is spectacular. Oh I could have used that with my kids.

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