GroVia Perfect Pail ~ Must Have Cloth Diapering Accessory

New Disclosure (Above placement)Every cloth diapering mom (or dad!) will tell you that you have to have a wet bag or pail liner. The choice is really personal preference as both are effective ways to contain dirty diapers between washings. We chose to use wet bags as when we began our cloth journey space was an issue for us, living in a small apartment we simply hung our wet bags on Tates door handle or placed them under his changing table (custom built by my wonderful dad!). I’m really excited to share my new found favorite cloth diaper storage option, the GroVia Perfect Pail, the name really says it all…it is PERFECT for our needs!Grovia LogoAvailable in 3 fun colors to coordinate with your decor the surf (blue), cloud (grey) and vanilla (cream) colored pails stay bright wash after wash. The pail is very easy to care for, simply toss it in the wash with your diaper laundry then hang to dry or tumble on low. grovia perfect pail wet bagConstructed of 100% TPU, the uniquely designed Perfect Pail is very similar to a wet bag in the fact that it has a zippered closure and keeps smells contained however this is NOT you average pail or wet bag. You insert a sturdy hanger which is secured by 3 strong signature GroVia snaps and given extra support by an extra strap that hooks over the hanger to hold your heavy soiled diapers. The Perfect Pail is very large (Approximately 26 x 18 inches) and designed to hold up to 3 full days of diapers, it is pleated to maximize storage space ;).GroVia Perfect Pail Wet BagBeing a huge fan of grey I chose the cloud color to use and it has made cloth diapering even easier for us! The super easy to use pail hangs on Tates door and even allows him to help clean up after changes. The awesome self closing top allows for one handed dropping of dirty diapers into the pail for storage until laundry time, Tates loves to ‘slam dunk’ his wrapped up diapers lol :).

grovia_perfect_pail_grabLove to cloth diaper but despise laundry day? This is definitely the Perfect Pail for you! Simply unzip the bottom of the Perfect Pail and let your dirty diaper laundry drop into the washing machine, no need to get your hands dirty! Now anyone can help you with your cloth diaper laundry and who doesn’t love that?

grovia pail liner wet bag colorsYou can purchase your own GroVia Perfect Pail in every color directly from the GroVia website or from your favorite cloth retailers. One very lucky reader is going to win one right here thanks to the generous folks at GroVia!

~WINNER~ Breanna R

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  1. I love grovia products! Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. This pail looks really handy. So far, I’ve really liked anything I’ve used from GroVia

  3. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I LOVE their Kiwi Pie Line! The prints are so cute and they look sooo soft!

  4. Love the colors. These look like they would work well as regular laundry hampers after the diaper days are over, too.

  5. I love my GroVia AIO.

  6. I’d love to have a nice machine-washable pail.

  7. Nicole Bear says:

    I love GroVia! We have some of their diapers and I am sure the perfect pail is awesome as well.

  8. Although I only have one GroVia AIO diaper, I do like their company.

  9. They have so many cool stuff- I have their wool covers, their stripping powder pods, and shells. 🙂

  10. This pail looks really easy to wash which is important to me.

  11. krystal rivera says:

    wow this is very cool and would look great in my cloth diaper designed l;aundry room!

  12. Stephanie O. says:

    I would love a Grovia diaper in Peacock to put in this diaper pail. Just starting to buy items for my stash. I am due February 3 so I have awhile to work on it.

  13. This would be great for our life in an apartment!

  14. Kristina Robinson says:

    I love how stylish this wetbag is 🙂 and that it can hang. would love to try a grovia product

  15. What an innovative design! I love that it is stand alone and doesn’t need a pail!

  16. i love that grovia has such a variety of products. i would be pumped to get a couple… especially for free 🙂

  17. This pail looks perfect for a smaller nursery/laundry room and I would love to try it!

  18. Julie Ghrist says:

    looks like a great pail… I love GroVia products. We have AIO’s, NB diapers, and hybrids with snap in inserts and disposable inserts for travel… Great products! Our first cloth diaper was a GroVia AIO!

  19. I’m looking forward to starting cloth diapering. This seems like a great mix between a pail and a bag

  20. I love grovia products! They are so high quality and I have seen this pail and its great!

  21. natalie nichols says:

    I have heard really great things about their products. I would love to have this prize.

  22. Danielle B. says:

    I would be interested in comparing how this type of pail compares to what we currently have (pail liner in a lidded trash can).

  23. I love GroVia shells, the Perfect pail would be nice to have hanging up in our bathroom.

  24. I love this pail! It seems like the best on the market right now, and I would love to be able to use one soon!

  25. i hear so many good things about grovia but havent tried any of their products yet!! i’d love to!

  26. actuallykristen says:

    I LOVE their Kiwi Pie Line!

  27. Lily Ivey says:

    The design of this is brilliant! Wish it had been around 2 years ago when I started CD’ing.

  28. Catherine BW says:

    Already love Grovia, would love to try this pail, it is very different than the one I have.

  29. I love Gro Via products, this would be perfect for my collection!

  30. Beth Berry says:

    I saw this wet bag for the first time a few days ago and would LOVE to try it! I’ve been cloth diapering for about a year now and still keep soiled diapers hanging on the laundry room sink! Ew!

  31. Their new lanolin wool spray seems really easy. It makes me want to venture into a wool cover!

  32. my planet wise pails are on their last legs, so i’d love to try out the grovia as a replacement!

  33. Jutta Pearce says:

    I really like the idea of not having a diaper pail, but having a hanging bag instead. I really love my Grovia prefolds and I’m sure the Perfect Pail is made with the same quality.

  34. Hydee Gordon says:

    I have never tried GroVia but that zipper bottom looks interesting!! 🙂

  35. This bag looks really handy for them dirty diapers I hope I win one.

  36. I love love LOVE that bottom zip feature!

  37. Ashley Duncan says:

    That pail looks great! It seems to be a great space saver and I love how it hangs. 🙂

  38. I am intrigued by the pail/liner hybrid-makes a lot of sense for a nursery with limited space. I would love to try this product!

  39. Jeannette says:

    I haven’t ever used Grovia products, but this diaper pail looks huge!! I love that it is so easy to set up and can hang anywhere! We currently keep an open trash can in our laundry room but with 2 in diapers it would be nice to have this perfect pail in the nursery!

  40. One Southern Girl says:

    I love GroVia! I especially like that I can change the settings on some diapers. I think that if I picked a diaper that it would be the Yellow Submarine print in Kiwi Pie!

  41. Beth Rees says:

    The pail looks perfect for our small nursery

  42. I’m new to cloth and need a pail

  43. beki lozano says:

    this looks great i would love to have this as i am just starting to cloth diaper gain!

  44. I like the grovia shell snap closure in vanilla.

  45. I’d love to try their Newborn AIO, and I see they’re 30% off. I might have to buy a few.

  46. I love GroVia products

  47. I havent tried any Grovia Products yet but I would really love to!


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