Nighttime Cloth Diaper Solutions ~ GroVia Kiwi Pie Wool Cover

New Disclosure (Above placement)When I started my cloth journey over three years ago I quickly learned that nighttime cloth diapering is it’s own challenge within the world of cloth diapering. Whether you have a heavy wetting child or not nighttime cloth diapering can be an ongoing trial and error unless you give my foolproof solution a try ;). GroVia has some great all natural cloth diapering essentials for nighttime cloth diaper success.Grovia Kiwi PieGroVia Kiwi Pie Fitted Cloth Diaper  paired with a Kiwi Pie Pull On Wool Cover can make for a nice long nights sleep for your little one just like my big boy gets every time we tuck him in. The all natural fibers allow for a breathable yet leakproof system and GroVia has you covered with their wool care essentials too.kiwipie_wool_pkg_smWhen I received our  handmade wool cover in the mail I could hardly wait to get it lanolized and on Tates for a test run. I was really amazed at how stretchy and soft it is. The double layered wet zone combined with the thick leg and waist bands makes sure baby is covered no matter how many extra inserts or bamboo prefolds you choose to use for extra coverage to get through the night.
nighttime cloth diaper solution
Available in three sizes (small, medium and large) the natural colored wool covers are designed to fit babies ranging from 9 pounds up to 35 pounds. The soft seams of the pull on style wool cover offer babies a comfortable night sleep with the tag on the outside back to ensure no skin irritation. At 32+ pounds the 95% Merino wool/ 5% Spandex blend fits Tates fabulously and we even have the waist band folded over so there is definitely room for him to grow.nighttime cloth diaper solutionsSomething that has been common with nighttime cloth diapering is the ‘bubble butt’ effect…..having to stuff diapers with as many layers as possible makes for a round tush and makes it hard for little ones to walk too. With the GroVia Kiwi Pie Wool Cover the spandex stretchiness really keeps bulk to a minimum so baby can comfortably move about freely while asleep. No worries about any red marks though, there is enough stretch that babies delicate skin is hugged comfortably.nighttime cloth diaper solution fitTrim fit, natural fibers and long lasting coverage for your sweet little ones sleeping comfort so everyone gets a good night sleep….GroVia really does make nighttime cloth diapering easy!

Have you tried GroVia Pull On Wool Covers, fitted diapers or bamboo prefolds for nighttime cloth diapering? What do you love most about GroVia for cloth diapering you little ones?a year with mom and dad buttonMake sure you check out Julie’s nighttime cloth diapering tips and tricks with wool over at A Year with Mom & Dad and enter below to win you own GroVia Kiwi Pie Pull On Wool Cover!

~WINNER~ Rachael C

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  1. Like that it has a little spandex for some stretch!

  2. I really like that wool is so absorbent, but I was always nervous to use it because of the care involved. It wasn’t until I actually watched a video on it that I saw it really isn’t that difficult. I like these Grovia covers because they are very trim and short unlike many over wool covers.

  3. I would love to try this cover over a fitted. We use cloth most of the time, but have been using disposables at night. This would be a great way to get me back into cloth diapering at night!

  4. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I LOVE a wool cover over a good fluffy fitted for overnights! I never once had a leak!

  5. Would love to try this, but does the inclusion of spandex affect the effectiveness of the cover? Not sure how it would, but I thought most are 100% wool.

  6. Tracy Dennison says:

    I didn’t even know what these were til now, sounds cool, and I want to try!

  7. I just re-entered the world of cloth diapering again with a newborn, and I’ve been wondering about all these wool diaper covers I’ve been seeing - as they didn’t seem to be around as much 4 years ago when I first did cloth diapers. Thanks for the information regarding this wool cover and the Grovia system. I think I want to try it out on my new boy once he actually starts to sleep through the night! Nothing worse than finally getting a baby to sleep through the night and having their cloth diaper leak and wake them up!

  8. these look awesome! i love wool covers but havent tried kiwi pie just hand made ones out of old wool sweaters!

  9. I only discovered wool once my daughter was older and soaking through everything else- it because a life saver! But I found that I’d really love to have more than one cover, and one that has a bit of stretch would be even better. These GroVia covers look fantastic, hope to try one out!

  10. I like that the cover is snug, yet doesn’t leave read marks.

  11. Ashley Duncan says:

    I absolutely love wool covers and the Kiwi Pie looks so trim!
    I love only washing when needed instead of after every use. I think everyone should have at least one wool soaker barring allergies!

  12. I don’t have experience with wool yet, but I’m preparing to CD my first little one and bought a few used ones so I can give it a try without too much investment. If it works for us, these sound like a good cover to try and looks like a good fit!

  13. Melissa Hunter says:

    I really like the sound of the double-layered wet zone. We use a different wool cover right now, but I’d love to try Grovia’s!

  14. I’ve never tried wool because it looks so bulky. I love how trim this one looks and would love to try one for nights!

  15. Nicole Bear says:

    I have a couple GroVia AI2s, and one GroVia Kiwi Pie fitted. I have been using PUL covers over the fitted, but I would like to try wool. I am sure this cover is just as great as their other products.

  16. I love the breathable nature of wool. I have one pull on cover that I bought used and it seems to work well, but is a bit bulky. I wasn’t sure about using under pajamas, but I guess it wouldn’t be a problem since it doesn’t wick onto his sheets.

  17. Danielle F says:

    This looks like a great cover and slim too!

  18. I like that it doesn’t leave red marks, but fits snuggly. We can’t find a good fit yet

  19. never tried the wool covers, but these look fantastic!

  20. beki lozano says:

    i would love to try GroVia Newborn All In One Cloth Diapers

  21. Right now what I am doing at night works but I hear how people love and rave about wool so I need to do some research and figure this out for when he gets bigger. I like that these have all natural fibers and allow for a breathable yet leakproof

  22. Jutta Pearce says:

    I would really like to try these wool covers. I have even heard that you can dye them using a kool-aid dye. Sounds pretty cool. I love their bamboo prefolds and feel like this would be a great night time combo!

  23. Rachael Collins says:

    I am CONSTANTLY ISO the perfect nighttime solution for my lo. Everything is SO bulky and frankly…doesn’t work too well. These look ideal!

  24. I have a Grovia wool cover in medium and I love it. It’s got such a tight weave that even when only lightly lanolized it is very bulletproof. In fact, I am heartbroken that my little guy has gotten so big that he barely fits in it anymore. I guess I will just have to pony up for another in large, unless of course I win one!

  25. Vicki Hall says:

    I’ve tried some Grovia products I’ve never used wool though and would love to try this cover for over night.

  26. i would love to try the this out with my son

  27. I love Grovia. However we have not tried a fitted from them yet. I would love to win one!

  28. I really want to try wool because I’ve purchased some adorable fitteds. Our first baby will be here in December so I need to research more about wool. I think I’ve got the rest of cloth diapering covered. I love that GroVia offers a lanolin spray. Seems like it could make wool less intimidating!

  29. I really like the look of that wool cover. I’m planning to do prefolds or flats with a cover to keep costs down.

  30. I love Gro Via and I have been dying to try this fitted!

  31. jennafish says:

    I like the look of this wool cover. I have a few and I really like them. But just not this brand. I would love to try it.

  32. i love the idea of wool but find it cost prohibitive - this would be an awesome way to try it out 🙂

  33. I’ve been really looking into wool covers lately. I really like that they are breathable!

  34. Holly Corbett says:

    I would love to try these!!!! My son is a wetter lol

  35. One Southern Girl says:

    I like the double layered wet zone… ’cause sometimes it’s nice knowing there is some extra protection!

  36. abedabun dawn says:

    These wool covers are beautiful!

  37. I’ve been looking for a night time solution and would like to try this!

  38. I have always been a little afraid of trying wool…. just seems so intimidating ( both the idea & the start-up cost).But a 19mo co-sleeping, dream feeder is starting to outgrow the rise of his best bottom covers ( our go-to overnight), so it might be time to bite the bullet & try~

    • I was so intimidated at first too! It is way easier than you think and a great solution for heavy wetters and for breathable extended periods of time 😉

  39. Excited to have a solution for my nighttime heavy wetter!

  40. Shalaina S says:

    I didn’t know that GroVia made wool covers. But I am also new to cloth diapering, so I’m sure I have a lot to learn yet. I will definitely keep this cover in mind though since there is no “bubble butt” issue. We haven’t encountered problems with nighttime absorbency as of yet since little man is only a month old and not a heavy wetter right now.

  41. i have been wanting to try wool as a nighttime solution for my heavy wetter boys. more breathable for rash prevention, too!

  42. Ashlie Whittemore says:

    Would love to try this on my new little one on the way! Hope I win! 🙂


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