New GroVia Bamboo Prefolds ~ Friday’s Fabulous Fluff Feature

With the latest releases from GroVia in Wool Care as well as the Kiwi Pie Fitted cloth diaper you might be thinking what else could they possibly come up with? Well leave it to them to bring the original form of cloth diapering (prefolds) to a whole new level! I’m excited to share today another all new product from GroVia, the Bamboo Prefold.

I’ll be honest we tried prefolds a long time ago as our main cloth diapers and they weren’t for us….my husband got frustrated all the time, and pins/snappis scared me (I poked Tates) and we ended up getting rid of them. The more educated I became about cloth diapers the more ways I learned to use prefolds and when GroVia introduced BAMBOO prefolds I was immediately ready to get my hands on them!

tagless for comfort 

Made of 55% bamboo/45% organic cotton these versatile diapers are super soft. Stamped so you don’t have to worry about any tags against babies delicate skin and neatly serged with threading to indicate sizing and ensure durability wash after wash. Sold in 4 different sizes to accommodate babies from as tiny as 4 pounds through 25+ you can really get a great fit from birth through potty training. Each 3 pack of prefolds is very affordable, so you can have an all natural stash without breaking the bank.

I mentioned we tried prefold before using the folding and pinning/snappi method however now we use them trifold soaker style as pocket stuffers. This is a great solution for heavy wetting children, we still get to use pre-stuffed pockets only we have an all natural super absorbent soaker.

Multiple uses making them versatile

We tested out the yellow threaded (size 3 - infant long) size and after over a dozen washes they are roughly 13 x 15 inches and fit well in most of our pockets. Tates is fully unsnapped on almost all diapers at this point and the prefolds fit great inside with no overflow out the openings.

Although these aren’t the most trim option when trifolded they aren’t bubble bottom by any means, and are a great affordable option to replacing microfiber inserts in your stash. 😉

These diapers wash up easily, dry fairly quickly and sun easily as they lay flat. If you like to use them in the more traditional sense but aren’t a fan of pins/snappis you can easily fold and use a snug cover to hold them in place for a trim fit. If you prefer a stay dry feeling for baby you will need to add a fleece liner.

Friday's Fabulous Fluff Feature

Buy It: You can purchase GroVia’s Bamboo Prefold cloth diapers in all sizes directly from the GroVia website.

Do you use prefolds, if so how?

Win It: One lucky reader is going to win a 3 pack of Bamboo Prefolds in their choice of size! Thanks GroVia!

~WINNER~ Nikki C


  1. Kristi Cartwright says:

    I only have a few prefolds in my stash right now but I don’t have experience using them yet because my little one isn’t here yet. I was due two days ago with our little man though so he’ll be here any minute and then we’ll start our adventure with cloth diapering! 🙂

  2. Haven’t started using them yet, but I like the diaper fold.

  3. Sarah Hayes says:

    when my daughter was little I tried prefolds with snappi and it was so annoying. she would never lay still enough for me to get it on her well and i did like the way they fit around the legs. now i just fold them and use it like an much better!

  4. Sarah Hayes says:

    mamahill and her after school prgram is inspiring

  5. I just started using prefolds. So far I only use jersey Geffen trifolded at night with a CBI on top in a cover. I have a very heavy wetting tummy sleeper.

  6. Nicole Bear says:

    I don’t have any experience with prefolds. I have a few cheap ones I got as a gift, but I just use them as pads on my changing table.

  7. Nicole Bear says:

    What inspires me is real, everyday people making a difference in their own communities.

  8. I don’t have too much experience with prefolds, so I mostly just tri-fold them and lay them in the cover
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  9. Julie Ghrist says:

    I have not used them yet but plan to with this next baby. I plan to fold them how the diagram on this post shows

  10. I’ve only ever trifolded prefolds into a pocket or cover.
    Nicole Gutermann recently posted..Wordless Wednesdays: Warm & Fuzzy with Rapped with LuvMy Profile

  11. Joanne Gregory says:

    I have never used modern prefolds. The ones I used when my kids were babies were shaped the correct size and you just pinned them at the waist.

  12. We don’t have our baby yet, so I haven’t gotten to use the cloth diapers, but I’m excited to try them soon!

  13. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I was never able to get a good tight fit with my dd using a traditional fold and a snappi or pins so I would usually just trifold and lay in a cover.

  14. Robyn Lucas says:

    I love the soaker fold for toddlers and the bikini twist for infants!

  15. Robyn Lucas says:

    Regular everyday people can make a difference! What a change maker is all about!!

  16. Beth Rees says:

    I have only ever used them as a trifold. I have to say the other folds kind of initimdate me 🙂

  17. Beth Rees says:

    I love Mama Hill’s Help story. Sometimes kids just need one more person to make a difference! I mean she is an amazing woman who truly changed these kiddos lives for the better!! As a former teachers these stories are so inspiring. It is amazing how just a little support can have an effect on children

  18. I love prefolds/trifold and use the soaker fold for my 2 month old! It is so easy 🙂
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  19. I haven’t tried them yet.
    ~Kelly recently posted..February Friday FiveMy Profile

  20. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    I use prefolds and I either fold them in thirds and simply just place them in the cover, or I use a sanppi with the diaper fold, both are easy options!

  21. Prefolds have been my staple diaper since I started cloth diapering 9 years ago. I just use a simple Angel wing fold inside a cover. However with our newest baby (4 months) my hubby decided he didn’t want to have anything to do with my prefolds and certainly not the flats I’d just discovered so we’re building up a stash of pockets since those are his favorites. I do have some prefolds and flats to fill in our stash gaps and I use them during the day while hubby’s at work. Unfortunately baby girl has been outgrowing the small stash of prefolds I have so I need to size up. I’d love to try these. They look nice.

  22. I’m inspired because they’re real people who decided to make a change.

  23. Alessandra Peterson says:

    I’m expecting my first and planning to use prefolds for the newborn stage. Although I haven’t been able to try anything yet, I think the jelly roll fold looks like it would be a good fold for EBF runny poos.

  24. Christina CG says:

    I haven’t used them yet (although I have some coming in the mail!) Thanks for all of the tips though!

  25. I trifold the prefold and place it in the liner. easy peasy!

  26. anne perry says:

    Newspaper fold for us

  27. I started out with pre-folds and Gerber vinyl covers. That was in 1992 and I had a diaper service. In 1995 I got my own pre-folds and learned how to wash them myself. I discovered fitted diapers with my 7 yr. old and now I’m exploring other options. I’m still more comfortable with pins then with a snappi.

  28. Mama Hill inspires me! I lived through the L.A. riots and I know what the inner city is like. All those teenage pregnancies? Most of them get pregnant on purpose so they’ll have someone to love them. Mama Hill’s act of faith can make a difference for some of those kids. Just knowing that they have a future and worth can make a huge difference in the life of inner city youngsters.

  29. Bridgett zaidi says:

    I’m loving prefolds! Diapering twins, they are cheap, absorbent, and easy to clean. I just trifold or do the diaper fold.

  30. Loved prefolds for the newborn EBF poop stage. Then, they got put up during the first solid foods stage. Now that my little one is in a more of a solid poop stage I’m loving prefolds again. So easy to trifold in a cover.

  31. I’ve never used prefolds before, but I’d love to try them out on my heavy wetter…. I hear they can be very absorbent.

  32. domestic diva says:

    We’re just getting ready to begin our adventures in cloth diapering (baby coming soon!), so I have no tips yet. I love reading everyone else’s.

  33. When my son was little we just did the regular od soaker fold, but as he grew and started moving more we now to angel wings fold and it works very well.

  34. As someone who sews as a hobby from time to time the story of Alabana Chanin is inspiring. I love how she took something so old and made it new again.

  35. Stephanie O says:

    I have never used prefolds.

  36. I recently won a dozen prefolds and I love them! I am using them as pocket inserts for my heavy wetting toddler or I trifold them in a cover for naps or just because
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  37. natalie nichols says:

    I haven’t used them yet

  38. I’m due with our first in April, so I don’t have any experience yet 🙂

  39. I tried using Gerber, but Just hated the pins. I think this time around prefolds wont be so bad with snappi

    • The gerber ones aren’t the best anyway… they work as burp cloths but not much else. They are filled with a fiber fill instead of cotton, try chinese, indian, or gro-via next time. You will be in love!

  40. Changemakers: Mama Hill sounds like one awesome lady. What she does for all those kids in her community is amazing especially at her age!

  41. Changemakers: Mama Hill is an amazing woman for what she does for all the kids in her community.

  42. elizabeth b. says:

    i have just a few cotton ones, and i use them trifolded in flip covers but would love to try the bamboo

  43. nice to see people do something for their communities
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  44. i love pf i just fold both sides in pull it up and bring the tabs in and snappi it.
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  45. The 73 year old who started the after school organization is an inspiration to me!

  46. I’ve never used a prefold!

  47. I’m inspired by these stories. It amazes me the amount of self sacrifice these individuals have made to help others.

  48. jessica long says:

    I havent used any yet, but I am getting some, I plan on using them on my NB in october

  49. I used prefolds when my first was a nb and wasn’t a fan. I could never get the legs tight enough and poo was always getting on the diaper cover. When my third was about 8 mo. someone turned me on to tri-folding and laying in a cover and I liked that much much better!

  50. Thank you What inspires me is my daughter. Anyway I can make her future better.

  51. Britni Bradford says:

    We use prefolds every day. One thing I do lately is wrap them up with a tshirt diaper and then throw a fleece cover over them for naptime.

  52. Molli Griffin says:

    Trifolded in a cover or a pocket.

  53. Prefolds were our jump into cloth diapering, and eventhough I have found many other diapers to love I always find a reason to use our prefolds. When LO is rashy they are a great breathable way to run around the house. They are a great nigh-time option with an extra soaker and a wool cover. They are and will always be my go to for newborns because they fit so well on the little bums and you go through so many in the first few months so they are wallet friendly too. We now have a stash of newborn prefolds that we keep in the bathrooms for towels, and toddler ones for messes. Prefolds are all around great and everyone should give them a try!

  54. Jessica says:

    I haven’t had a chance to use prefolds yet since my baby boy won’t be here til June. I really want to use prefolds for the newborn stage. I’ve heard that the jellyroll fold holds EBF poops really well.

  55. I love them as pocket inserts!

  56. I have a set of these! I love to put them on my 7 month old using a snappi or boingos and let her roll around the house. Its the perfect way to let her have “naked” time but it contains any messes! It definitely helps air out her tush! They’ve stayed so soft, too!

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